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Travel Business Ideas

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“Travel” Business Ideas – First Version

1. Website which provides the tourist destination details.

2. Websites which sells tour packages from collecting all the packages from all the offline vendors

3. Website just like makemytrip

4. Website like Oyo rooms , holidayiq etc

5. Website like triago

6. Website which provides travel kit

7. Platform which provides on the way best hotel , their menu,rest rooms, family type etc

8. Platform which detects the type of food and hotel we are trying look like dosa famous hotels in some specific locations

9. Platform which provides alerts on theft related areas , local goons etc

10. Platform which provides food highway details

11. Platform which provides the information on the availability of emergency things before moving into particular area like money ,medical ,petrol etc

12. Emergency wallet

13. Emergency no in case of emergency

14. Platform which sells travel guide audio or video or pamplet etc like hampi travel guide

15. Survey from traveller’s – helps in improving.

16. Maintaining cleaness of travel places

17. Recycle kan. This helps travellers or in highway to dump products like water bottle, tins, covers etc . This even keeps clean

18. Find  tourist bus , packed tourist buses, pilgrims buses etc

19. Start tourist bus

20. Tourist cab services information

21. Start tourist cab service center

22. Uber/ola for tourist vehical

23. Join uber/ola for internal city travel

24. Provide travel kit for abroad travellers

25. Send products to the people staying in abroad

26. Travel products manufacturer

27. Traveling courier service – Make money during traveling

28. Night stay for night travellers

30. Resort information and booking

31. Airbnb consultants or find long term apartment hotels

32. Travel photography and video

33. Luggage taker from and to destination

34. Charitable travel platform

35. Party or fun information in the place you travel

36. Packing checklists app

37. Travel queries

38. Vacation planning platform

39. Travel marketing

40. Hire car or bike at travel destination

41. Local help in case of emergency

42. Travel agents list

43. Travel insurance agents

44. Local food maker and delivery

45. Hire cab and Go

46. Women only travelling

47. Travel trend per location

48. Travel helpline no at each travel destination

49. Beatiful locations information that are available while traveling

50. 3D travel video like location showing in 3D. It is as though you are present at that location

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