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“Social Cause” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. Website which describes initiatives taken by Indian govt, its procedure, its benefits for social cause etc

2. Website which describes initiatives taken by State govt, its procedure, its benefits for social cause etc

3. Raise funds for our national security leaders like army, air force etc

4. Raise funds for personal issues, natural calamities etc

5. Start Green Initiatives like encouraging to use solar, wind, biomass energy 

6. Fund raise for farmers

7. Education for farmers or any required people on latest tools, govt initiatives etc

8. A platform to easily reach out political leaders about problems in society etc

9. Initiatives to make growing child to develop more skills apart from education like extra curricular activities 

10. Publish paper or magazine on govt initiatives

11. Initiatives for public security from thief , terror, illegal activities etc

12. Initiative environment cleanness program

13. Platform where people can bring up solution for common problems like river issues, power issues, drought issues, rain etc.

14. Alternate rain facility like drown rains , chopper rains etc

15. Road development business like filling up patches, humps where it is required etc

16. All Govt tenders

17. Initiative to use only countries specific products and services like patangali

18. Platform which highlights other countries initiatives which can be executed 

19. Forum, feedback etc

20. Initiative on network, wifi, electricity , money etc

21. Medical awareness initiatives 

22. Campaign on banning of harmful products like acid, poison

23. Handicapped caring

24. Old age caring

25. Hunger bachao

26. Save animals initiative

27. Initiatives to Stop child abuse and child labour

28. Initiative against rapes and girls Security

29. Initiative against Deforestation

30. Initiatives on water saving and food wastage

31. Initiatives on how important time and energy and money is

32. Initiative for unemployed people

33. Initiative on loving ones own country

34. Initiative on religions awareness

35. Initiative on campaign on child diseases like polio

36. Initiative against Racism

37. Initiative against corruption

38. Recycling

39. Anti war awareness

40. Campaign against liquor, cigar, late night parties, drink and drive etc

41. Rescue from fire,people etc

42. Sponsorship for social cause

43. Entrepreneurs event

44. Exhibition on all social issues and its resolution

45. Easy building homes

46. Charity or donation based free shopping portal. Helps user in need

47. Hygienic food delivery

48. Debate on improving things

49. Recognizing people in unrecognized sector

50. Emergency service or product delivery

51. Women only platforms

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