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Shopping Business Ideas

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“Shopping” Business Ideas – First Version

1. Develop online shopping website

2. Open a retail shop

3. Become seller to flipkart, amazon etc

4. Start online product sale delivery services like Ekart

5. Platform which provides a way to all kind of shopping website, apps, shopping mall online purchases etc

6. Become Distributor/Manufacture of products

7. Sell cheap shirts, jeans etc

8. Set your price and get notified – In website, shopping malls, retail shops etc

9. Corporate office sales

10. Become occasion seller – Either through website, app or offline

11. Start Import and Export business

12. Platform where people can reach to the person who are coming from abroad and can bring in some items

13. Start credit sales business – Giving proudcts in credit

14. Marketing the product

15. Website to find all type of service providers like fridge repair, sofa repair

16. Provide learning kit – like assembling the product , Game design etc

17. Manufacturer your own brand and sell

18. Retail shop which provides only pamplets like flat builders, Solar/Wind products, Services like home decor etc

19. Website for the above point, that is- provides only pamplets like flat builder, Solar/Wind products, Services like home decor etc

20. Trend on what is selling more in preority wise and category wise like which mobile is selling more, car is selling more etc

21. Shopping blog

22. Used products selling like second hand products selling

23. Buses / trucks where products are sold, offers are displayed

24. Sell only kits like Travel kit, Offlice supply kits, assembling kits, school class syllabus kit etc

25. Workshop on marketting, selling, online seller, kindle seller etc

26. Magazine for the above, Magzine for all shopping offers etc

27. Sell only accessories

28. Tie up with schools, colleges, offices, govt offices etc and deliver their required products

29. On behalf shopping/selling – If you are busy tell the requirement and cost details , purchase on behalf of customer requirement or if busy not able to sell, then sell on behalf them

30. Platform which shows availability of the products, offers, costs etc based on location through google map

31. Buyer and seller chat/call platform

32. Workshop on developing e-commernce website, tools available in market etc

33. OLA/UBER for shoping

34. Your requirement in One Go – Specify your shopping requirement and the message should be delivered to concerned people in one go

35. Group customers and directly buy from manufacture like group buying

36. Shoping for people who are in need like people affected in army, natural calamities etc and delivering to them

37. Only coupen sales

38. Sell required items at required places like stationary items at schools etc

39. Experimental Virtual shops. Create a virtual shop of the existing offline retail shop, customer can see what is there in there shop and then purchase. Retail boy/girl can have pre record description about the product

40. Security for retail shops – Provide alrets for shop owners in case of soem thing happening

41. Check in your shopping requirement at malls , shopping areas. Your requirement will be checked out by seller if he/she statify your requirement

42. Start Affilate Marketting for flipkart or amazon etc

43. Mechanism to shop porn content or products

44. Surveys, Reviews, Feedback, Forum etc

45. Platform which delivers location based products like coorge coffe which is available in coorge but delivered in Bangalore through coorge

46. Health based shopping like diabatic then purchase diabatic food

47. Deliver 24/7 different location based meals, tiffen like andra meals, andra tiffen, karnataka tiffen, rajastan sweets etc

48. Order food while travelling

49. Buy the products where it is available at cheap rate and sell where it is not available like coorg products

50. Sell recycling products

51. Get user requirement and deliver the customized product

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