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Security Business Ideas

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“Security” Business Ideas – First Version

1. Platform to monitor each and every required part of the border . Cautioned about electric field across those border.

2. Financing from every citizen of india to contribute more towards indian army. It should go directly to army jawans

3. Supporting matrys family

4. Sensors along the border

5. Send Gifts to army , swetters etc

6. Platform which recognizers all our brave matrys and their family, achievements, how they fought etc

7. Bringing countryness bond between the citizens

8. Drowns dealers

9. Construction of bridge/wall at borders with electric fence

10. Solar and raium lights at the border

11. Initiative to protect against different state people

12. Initiatives to protect different state businesses

13. Initiatives to protect different state vehicals

14. Providing lights in all villages , cities connecting roads, farms etc

15, Develop a platform where user can checkin (online or offline) if they are in trouble like theft, or abuse etc. Checkin should send messages to all nearby people and station

16. Inciatives to increase police station or some organization which looks after security

17. App which provides details of insecure areas. It can get data from history, Or local people giving troubles etc

18. Mobile can be switched off even before they realize what is happening, if there is a theft or abuse. So, A separate device can be invented which send signals about person insecurity by understanding users body reaction, heartbeat, mind etc and also can send video before it is getting destroyed manually.

19. Keep safe – Platform to keep track of users. Users can fill up the data like (vehical no, how many people, where they are going , or they are staying far from family alone etc), Upon this they can also check in locations. This will help to keep track of users if something happens

20. Vehical sensor – This helps to send signal to ambulance, insurance , police station etc in case of accident which manually cannot be done

21. Accident proof – Automatic indication if they are travelling in high speed, anything is crossing the road, village nearby etc

22. Accident proof – Cover entire vehical in case of sudden accident, such that accient should not happen

23. Bike can also be introduced with airbags, cover etc in case of accident and also sensor for speed , possible accident etc

24. Gas safety devices – Identify any small leackage of gas and stop the leakage

25. Petrol and diesel safety devices – Identify any small leackage of petrol/diesel and stop the leakage

26. Sensor about slippery areas while cross roads, stair case etc

27. Sensor while walking and any speed vehical is advancing from far

28. Alert from sensor if any of the body parts are not behaving properly

29. Helpline emergency no at remote places

30. Platform which mention all the preventive mesures and tools available for the same

31. Govt Id which recognize the history of the person. All Indian citizens should update there details in this ID. Failed to update is an offence and he/she is not privileged for any functionality in the country. Update should be verified. This will help, if somebody travel without any identification like terrorist coming from other countries without visa etc

32. Child safety sensors

33. Some earnings which can be provided to any organisation/or their organisation itself. This money can be used in case of emergencies like loss of job, emergecnies etc

34. Parttime jobs/full time jobs from govt in case person dont have job , unemplyoed etc

35. Compulsory cctv cameras at each and every roads

36. These cctv camera should sense if something strange is happening, vehilcal or any bag kept for long hours, sense the bomb related materials etc

37. Compulsary verification tool which can verify unique id, bomb sensing machines etc

38. House safety devices like alrets for lockers , alert for doors, cctv camera etc

39. Earthquake proof lockers and devices

40. Device which stops electrical dangers like shock

41. Sport safety devices like which running leg , foot protection from fracture, swmming protection etc

42. App to sense river , sea safety like where it is more deep, animals, other things etc

43. Animal saftey devices while in forest, agriculture work etc

44. Safety devices during construction work

45. Travel saftey kits

46. Fire safety kit like sudden fire happened it should be stopped and less harm happens to individuals

47. Trainings with respect to all safety tools and measures that can be taken

48. Auto vehical to vehical communication

49. Air pollution control system

50. Finger print password, lockers etc

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