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“School” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. School Information

Website which display all schools information, its fee, survey etc

2. Used Text books and Notebooks

Website which contains used students text books and notebooks

3. Exam Preparation

. Website which contains all school exam preparation contents like previous exam         question papers, Most asked questions in exams, Guidelines etc

4. Read Text Books 

Website which contains online text books to read, like in the form of PDF

5. Online Shopping

Website which sales schools stationary items including text books

6. Sell Online 

Sell school items like bag, books etc through flipkart, amazon  etc

7. Stationary Shop

Put up a offline stationary shop

8. Expert Interaction

Website which interact with subject experts like e.g “science then connect to science teachers”

9. Interaction 

Website which provides a way to interact with parents and teachers and also student

10. School Administration Maintenance 

Website which maintains the database of students, their fee, marks, class etc

11. Tracking

Platform where Parents can track their childern’s in schools while they are in office

12. School Partnering 

Become partner with schools and sell custom school notebooks, dresses, etc

13. Event Organizer

Become school event organizer

14. Yoga Classes

Conduct Yoga classes for school childerns

15. Sport Coach

Sports coach for school students

16. Selling near schools

Sell school items in front of school

17. Tuition

Tuition for school kids

18. Lunch Box

Deliver lunch box for school kids

19. Manufacturing 

Become manufacture of school items like own notebooks, bags etc

20. Old Question Paper

Website which maintains Old question paper database of the schools

21. Paper Distribution

Paper distributor for schools like exam papers, xerox papers etc

22. School Vehicles

School van, cab, bus etc for dropping school kids

23. Extra curricular activities

Extra curricular learning and activities for school kids like telling knowledge about solar, making science experiment, educational news etc

24. Career Adviser 

Career Adviser for school kids

25. Fund raising 

Fund raising in case of any emergency with respect to any school kids, schools teachers, schools etc

26. Health tracker

School kids health tracker

27. Alumni

School alumni website

28.  Inter school competition

Display or conduct inter school competitions, ldea feast for school kids like Google/Microsoft idea feast , sports competition etc

29. Safety Measure

School safety services like putting CCTV, maintaining compounds, garden, food order inspection etc

30. Encouragement

Some type of encouragement for school childerns to come to school , loose fears, handicap training etc

31. Medical emergency 

Medical emergency in schools or urgent doctor help in schools of required

32. Who should I Be With ?

Cards or website which displays all sort of student questions that students can answer. Based on this parents can take action on what their child likes or dislikes. E.g suppose child might not like mother going to office etc

33. Video Tutorial

Video subject tutorials for school kids

34. Practical Teaching 

Change the way of traditional teaching to practical teaching like demo it or show in practical etc

35. Chat

Chat with teachers, Extra curricular lecturers, parents etc

36. General Knowledge

Conduct general knowledge and quiz tutorial for students

37. Memorable moments 

Platform to Capture memorable moments of the student life

38. Manufacturer / Distributor

Become manufacture or distributors for school items

39. Own school 

Start your own school

40. Video Games

Platform which provides video games for school kids

41. Entrepreneurial events

Organize child focus entrepreneurial events like show TED-Talks, Inspirational Talks etc

42. Encourage sports

Organize sport related events like How to grow as a sport person

43. Student assessment platforms

Platform which accesses students performance, behaviors, likes/dislikes, friends etc

44. Summer/Winter Camp

Start summer/winter camp organizer for students

45. Student Safety Courses

Organize student safety courses once per month like how students should behave with strangers, while crossing road, while dealing with electrical items, science lab, fire etc

46.  Efficient language skills

Tutor for Improving efficient language skills for students like english etc

47. Marketing 

Marketing the schools , its fee, surveys, results etc

48. Create Manufacturing Brand

Manufacture your own brand of school items like own notebooks, bags etc

49. Organize exhibition

Organize the school institutions and universities exhibition like fees, surveys, safety, results etc

50. Identify talent  :-

Conduct and identify school kids talents in terms of singing, dramas, sports, science etc