Real Estate

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“Real Estate” Business Idea – First Version :-

1. Website listing real-estate properties/plot

2. Website listing all the legally verified properties/plot

3. Checklist guidelines and verification while buying properties/plots

4. 3D view of the properties/plots

5. Marketing channel partner for the properties/plots

6. Neatly , diagramatically describes real estate terminologies

7. Become real estate agent

8. Publish real estate magzine

9. Workshops on real estate properties available based on area, their legality, area details etc

10. Assisted Property Advisor

11. Supplier of property constrution materials like cement, bricks, JCB, Crane etc

12. Interior designer

13. Finacial money lender for people willing to buy the properties

14. Real estate forum site

15. Real estate survey site

16. Manufacturer of property constrution materials like cement, bricks, JCB, Crane etc

17. Details of the history of the area.

18. Display trends in real estate market.

19. Become investor to the builders

20. Become a builder

21. Group buying of property or building a property

22. Start to make animated video for upcoming properties.

23. Chat/Call/Mail with the experts

24. Legal Guidelines while buying agricultural properties/land, Govt policies, land value etc

25. List only valid resale properties and guidelines for buyers and sellers for the same

26. Workshop from experts on how to start real estate business, what is trending now etc

27. Website which displays Properties neatly with all the details Outside metro politan cities tier 2 , tier 3 cities etc

28. Website which list real estate agent , builder, owner details etc in all the cities.

29. Website which display all the details of interior designers, there profiles, costs etc

30. Platform which provides complete guidelines on building or buying commercial

31. Referral properties

32. Guidelines and list the Buying properties abroad

33. Real estate blog

34. Real estate investment advisor

35. Display information, alerts etc for Govt building properties, govt selling properties, procedure etc

36. Job opening in construction companies

37. Property, plot, Agriculture land exhibition

38. Become arctitect or provide information about architects

39. Start all construction related labour or company contact details

40. Starting a mortgage brokerage firm

41. Become Airbnb agent

42. Bus services which provide end to end details of the properties in file format

43. Website which provides end to end details of the properties in pdf format

44. Bid/Auction real estate prices

45. Start real etsate library which contains all property details, terminologies etc

46. Platform for – Those who are curious to know about the value of the homes in their area, this tool provides an easy way to check out surrounding properties.

47. Scan area, apartment, plot etc and get to know which properties are in sale , rent etc.

48. Can there be a real estate retail shop ? and also construction retail shop ? It can be done

49. Platform which displays homes with very less values

50. Provide all the above services in one single platform