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Pets Business Ideas

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“Pets” Business Ideas – First Version

1. Pets online shopping

2. Pets offline shopping

3. Pets products online shopping

4. Pets products offline shopping

5. Pets surgon and doctors details

6. Pets surgons booking

7. Pets care centers

8. Types of pets and its details

9. Fish aquarium center

10. Online fish aquarium shopping

11. Chiken farms

12. Cow farms

13. Delivering fresh cow milk

14. Goat and sheep farms

15. Marketing organic wastes for fertilization

16. Horse farms

17. Selling of Cows, Chikens, goats, horses, donkeys etc

18. Donkey milk selling

19. Birds selling

20. Animal awarness

21. Opening/starting the zoo

22. Animal catching profession

23. Zoo maintainace

24. Animal safari

25. Publish animal related magazines and papers

26. Become animal eatable food Makers like dog biscut etc

27. Manufacturer of animal products

28. Cow and other animal urine distributor for fertilizer and medical purpose

29. Cow , goat, donkey etc which waste some foods can be used as fertilizers

30. Animal vaccination distributors

31. Animal reservious

32. Animal arts and architecture design

33. Animal lost and finding platform

34. Animal entertainment platform

35. Pet tracker

36. Pet breading

37. Imported pet selling

38. Travel kit for pets

39. Egg distributors and jusy born pet distribution

40. Instant animal bite care

41. Safety precautionary products while handling animals

42. Animal activity tracker

43. Animal derived products makers and distribution like skin, silk, tooth etc

44. Manufacturing products developed from animal derived products like bags,slippers, swetters etc

45. Deliverying pure fresh meat, pure milk etc which can be converted to food

46. Rabbit distributor and farm

47. Pig farms

48. Harmless and less seen animals farms like rabbit, turtles, birds etc

49. Sea animal farming like fish, corn, turtles, sea horse etc

50. Imported animals zoo

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