OPP2156-“Food in train/bus”

Problem it is solving :- “Develop app which help people to order their favorite food while travelling in train/buses. This…

I never dreamed about success I worked for it

Popular Programming Languages

Python ranks between 1/2 according to the analysis done from major sites as below Business Insider  Forbes Spectrum IEEE

OPP2097-“Caste census”

Problem it is solving It helps in welfare, unity, providing govt policies, controlling the population etc

OPP2096-“Power to all”

Problem it is solving Lot of areas faces power shortage – Make an initiative to work on the “Power to…

OPP2092-“Swatch Bharat app”

Problem it is solving Help people to find restrooms, dustbins, vehicle cleaning services, polluted areas and to clean it etc

OPP2075-“Money managing tools”

Whenever people start earning they require money management tool to manage their earnings through investments, savings etc. Developing such tools…

OPP2068-“Apex body management”

Develop management software which manages apex bodies. Apex indicates top highest part of something like educational universities, real estate management

OPP2055-OPP2067 (Python Programming)

Updated few more topics on Python Programming More programming information like Inheritance, builtin types, packages, iterators etc we will update very soon…

OPP2037-OPP2054 (Python Programming)

Updated , Python Programming More programming information like modules, builtin types, packages, iterators etc we will update very soon – Thanks…