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“Matrimony” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. Website for Matrimony Services which include all the features of existing matrimony sites

2. Website which provides simple matrimony services – Easy Registration and Easy Contact

3. Open offline matrimony services

4. Design website which includes all the offline matrimony broker details , there profiles etc

5. Design website specific to offline matrimony services. That is, while regsitering he can select for which offline matrimony services he/she wish to register.

6. Separately design website for offline matrimony services and provide to them

7. One Register and multiple offline matrimony channels. 

8. Reaching and getting profiles in all the cities/town/villages. 

9. Only subscribes with his/her requirement and he/she can reach either through mail/sms to all the subscribed profiles in One Go

10. Start matrimonial data like which comes in news paper

11. Website which provides profiles just like Bio-Data (including contact details) in PDF format 

12. Uber/Ola like matrimony service

13. Information on availability of Marriage Halls 

14. Organize smooth talks between boy & girl families

15. Guidelines to the users who decide to search the girl and vice versa. Guidelines includes what girl and their family mainly expect and viceversa

16. Provide things required for Settling before searching the girl or boy

17. Background verification

18. Provide contact details on wedding planners and there profiles

19. Provide contact details of individual sectors like photography, catering etc and their profiles

20. Wedding card manufacturer and dealer

21. Platform which contains video and audio of family members and the boy/girl, house, etc. 

22. Check in as marriage guest in marriage hall

23. Assisted matrimony

24. Online wedding magazine

25. Buy franchises

26. Corporate matrimony like linked in

27. Helping people who are late in terms of marriage by providing more rapid service 

28. Pre-Matrimony chat, meeting etc

29. Referal matrimony

30. Like minded matrimony

31. Organize Offline Mass Meetings Of Boy & Girls

32. Develop Online wedding management software – Creation of website, invitation sending, manage dates etc

33. Pre and Post Matrimony Photography

34. Bring in all offline matrimony brokers and customers can visit and chat with brokers

35. Specialized Wedding gifts website

36. Bride and Groom accessories shopping

37. Animate the wedding photos

38. Best honeymoon package dealers

39. First introduction – Intro me 

40. Website which includes all the matrimony sites, planner site, dating site etc

41. Create Matrimonial facebook group in different names based on interest like – Abroad workers, Govt Jobs etc

42. Check – In matrimony. 

43. Best photography and video coverage before they planned to apply for matrimony

44. Caters information, their menu, order their sample before confirming the caters 

45. List of Recently married or married in some years back , who can give refernce to their family members under same community based on users requirement

46. Offline – Bring Profiles from broker to required houses and show the profiles

47. Wedding Tatoos, Nail Polish, all wedding stylish doing or providing contacts etc 

48. Marketting the profile with required data

49. Send Notification from offline matrimony agents about new profiles added, arrange meeting etc

50. Success stories of couples , how it got success etc

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