Marketing Business Ideas

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“Marketing” Business Ideas – First Version

1. Complete in and out tutorial on digital marketting

2. Complete in and out tutorial on offline marketting

3. Workshops and traning on digital marketing

4. Workshops and training on offline marketing

5. Selling Rehersal Tutorials

6. Selling Rehersal Training

7. Facebook marketting training with practical demo and testing

8. Same as above for Linked in, Twitter, Whatsup, Instegram etc

9. Ad/Marketing campeiging design business

10. Marketing channel partner business

11. Organising Product Promotion in malls, crowded areas etc

12. Exhibhition of particular products

13. Referal Marketing campeign

14. Reach ad content to required people in One Go

15. Market the Social Campegin like army need, people in need for fund raising

16. Offline marketting at required location like jobs marketing will work near coorporate offices

17. Tool which is self explanatory or automatted by itelf to create ad campaign for the data provided

18. Tool which is self explanatory or automatted by itelf to start marketing in fb, linkedin , instegram etc

19. Market research business

20. Seasonal marketing

21. Introduce miss call option in marketing like zipdial

22. Campegin product aligning with social concern like register or subscribe and we contribute to army, navy etc

23. Market aligning to current trend like an interview / sports going to happen or already happened

24. Marketing your ad – When there is a huge flow of comments for particular topic, for celebrities etc

25. Get subscribed in different ways and send ad in one go

26. Tool to send ad to all the required people in One Go with subscribe or without subscription

26. Deliver the trail version or try version of the product like 1 ruppe pack

27. Deliver best video ad

28. Market through Actress, models etc

29. Market the offline stores

30. Marketing emotionally through quotes from famous personalities

31. Go Viral through marketing – Viral Marketing

32. 3D view of product that is getting advertised

33. Co-orporate marketing

34. Publish book and article for marketing

35. Get customer requirement through survey, wishlist or audio program

36. A tool which simplifies what user want to market, create and apply for the same. Like user want to searh job in one domain and he just state his requirement then rest should be taken care by  tool

37. Chat to expert or call or mail

38. One to one mentor for marketing

39. Market the tools which makes life easier

40. Innovative design for ad campeign

41. Market creating a trending story like if in 2014 , political campeign was trending

42. Partner with required organization for marketing like for job searchers tutorials and other things are the targeted offices, similarly for sports , sport coaches, sports fields etc are targetted offices

43. Marketing planner

44. Moving vehical – Inside and Outside city marketing

45. Business which daily meet new people like uber cab which daily meet new people , display your ad there

46. Designing marketing campagin as business

47. Market in home page of daily visited sites

48. Women as tele caller to initiate the marketing. This matters a lot

49. Provide offers in marketing.

50. Use Content Marketing Stratergies