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“Job” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. Job search website

Design job listing websites like naukri etc

2. Job search website in abroad

Design job listing websites which mainly focus on abroad job opportunities

3. Job advice based on field

Job related advice based on field. For example, How easily we can get the job in this field , Work life balance, Salary etc

4. Offline Training 

Conduct offline training on particular fields

5. Webinar 

Website which offer video based webinar training on subjects/technologies related to jobs

6. Job Consultancy

Open up a job consulting firm

7. Job Visa Consultancies

Visa Processing Consultancies

8. Chat/Call/Mail 

Chat/Call/Mail to expert for getting advice on technologies

9. Workshop/training 

Workshop/training on How to keep improving in job like getting promotion, going abroad etc

10. Chat/Call/Mail with Successful people

Chat/Call/Mail to successful people. This helps the required people in knowing how did they reach their For e.g – some people will go the abroad very early. Knowing how did they manage to go there is very important

11. Survey  

Survey on job satisfaction , money, worklife balance based on the subjects

12. Job blog

Start blog which provides Job related information

13. Helping people who are not getting jobs 

Helping the people who are not getting the jobs for many years by providing them training, projects etc and then providing the experience. This helps the people to search the jobs with an experience.

14. Platform to learn subjects/technologies very very easily 

Platform to learn technologies very very easily

15. Current trend in market 

E.g :- Understanding what field is booming in the market is very important. This helps in focusing on that particular subject and in-turn helps in getting the jobs, salaries, abroad opportunities etc . Conducting current trend workshops will be very useful for the people who are looking out for jobs , abroad etc

16. Start job publishing magazine or paper

Publish job related information in your own magazines or third party magazines and papers etc

17. Interview Rehearsal

Lot of people require a rehearsal before attending interviews. This will help the users to get the knowledge on how to face the interviews, how to answer etc

18. Website on interview questions

Platform which provides the interview questions information

19. Govt or civil service job opening 

Platform which highlights only Govt or Civil Service job openings, Applying procedures, any exam details etc

20. Startup job portal

Job portal which focus mainly on jobs available in startup companies

21. Part time jobs

Job portal which provides information on part time jobs

22. Platform to test the ability
Platform which tests what he/she is good at before beginning their job search. Based on the test he/she can plan which career path they can choose like test a person whether he/she is very good in marketing & sales. If he/she is good at it, Then he/she can plan to take up marketing & sales career path
23. Platform which displays technology information
Platform which displays the technology information. For example provide information like in which technology one can get the job very easily, demand,  number of people available in market and also what needs to be done to learn that technology etc
24. Provide training on technologies like mentioned above

Provide training on technologies like mentioned above in point 23

25. Provide training on Visa related exams like IELTS , TOEFL etc

Provide training on Visa related exams like IELTS , TOEFL etc

26. Website for visa related exams, interviews, procedure, benefits etc

Platform for visa related exams, interviews, procedure, benefits, fee structure, consulting, execution etc

27. Platform for Referral Program 

Forum/Platform where user can directly connect to the employees and send their resumes directly to employees email id. Employee can then send the user CV (who contacted him) to the concerned person for next proceddings. It is like employee refers a particular user thorugh this platform
28. Search jobs/intern etc while in college
Platform which helps students in searching jobs/intern etc while they are in college itself, just like campus selection either through interview or doing some projects etc. This increases the percentage of the students getting jobs while they are in college itself
29. Job exhibition 

Conduct the exhibition on current openings, salary, required profiles etc

30. Technology exhibition

Similar to job opening , conduct exhibition on technologies , its opportunities , its salary etc

31. job fair

Conduct Job Fair

32. Referral program 

Platform which provides job referral program information and also the referrers

33. Assisted Job search 

Help in searching, Guiding on technology he/she looking for etc

34. Apply in OneGo 

Apply to all job opening related to his/her requirement in One Go

35. Schedule meeting with experts

Schedule meeting with job experts who are already working. This will help the job seekers on how to prepare for interviews, how to apply, Getting reference etc

36. Outsourcing job opportunities 

Platform which highlights the projects that are outsourced by the companies and its resource requirement. This helps the companies to get the outsourced projects and also call for job openings

37. Freelancer job opportunities

Platform which provides freelancer job opportunities. That is , A person can work to particular company as freelancer and after that work is completed, he/she can search other freelancer job opportunities through this platform

38. First Introduction 

Platform which creates a First Introduction Profile or Introduce Yourself Profile. That means, Record about yourself video/audio, add your profile/CV, mail id, contact no to your – “First Introduction Profile”. This helps the employers/hiring people to hear an audio about yourself either through video/audio and helps them to understand you more better than just simply looking your resume

39. Skype interviewing 

Schedule Skype interview. This mainly help for remote interview attenders – like people in Mumbai willing to relocate to Bangalore can attend the interview remotely through Skype from Mumbai

40. Hourly based jobs

Platform which list out the information about hourly based job. That means, There are lot of people earning on hourly basis. Providing the information about this helps the people to get the job and earn in hourly basis.