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“Information Specific” Business Ideas – First Version

1. Image dictionary

2. Explain a concept in images and animated video

3. Grab end to end information of particular concepts and sell it

4. Publish magazines, kindle books

5. Training and workshops on topics

6. Offline Wikipedia

7. Provide information through animated videos

8. Information blog

9. Platform which convert a topic into animated video or image

10. Consultancy which provides/clarifies information through calls

11. Portal like Justdial

12. List of all concepts through websites , books based on categories etc

13. Chat or call to experts

14. Webinar

15. Forum, feedback on various topics

16. On behalf of you , collecting information in case if the user is busy

17. Research and Analysis of the user requests

18. Educate villages

19. Youtube video marketing

20. Interest specific alerts

21. Be Strong , inspirational information to the week people

22. Conduct workshops in schools and college

23. Become advisor for topics

24. Government related information , what other countries government are doing etc

25. Organize or provide TV or radio show

26. Most website are listing , with listing also provide product or service availability, opportunities available there, products present costs etc

27. Become content writer, tech writer

28. Become publisher

30. Represent story books, online stories, school text books etc in pictorial representation

31. Publish and distribute paper with information

32. Platform which summarizes the topic, summarize the lecture etc

33. One to one interaction on particular topics

34. Exam and not sure how to prepare then connect to well suited person, he guides the topics, question that might come

35. Map based information. Now map shows only limited information. Go deeper and add lots and lots of information in the map, like resturant menu, reviews, opening timings, veg/non veg, family type, lodge etc while travelling its very useful

36. Personal help – Know what is your requirement to the personal help platform, Rest of it the platform shouldntake care

37. Information on safety and security and tools available for the same

38. Conent Management Business – Filling content for websites

39. Website, To Displays Interesting Content Curated by Others

40. Uber/ola for content

41. Search very very specific contacts and connect the free call one after the another or send sms in one go

42. Make whatsup group of very very specific topics and user can send there query in one go

43. Offline Library

44. Website which describes content representation, ppt. content writing, content management etc

45. Platform to organize content from various sources like sometimes we copy link in our gmail as draft and later if we want to find then we might get forget of it. So to avoid such situations develop platform for organizing content

46. Platform where list of people who can give interview related information to the required people – Like suppose one guy got selected in Google and he is willing to give interview details and guidelines. He can subscribe to this platform

47. Huge and Huge information is there in the internet,  – Organize everything in very simple form like summarizing all the data in the information , Get users trends daily

48. Lots of users are there in the internet – Study the user trends daily based on location category and provide those information to ad agencies, ad company etc

49. We Help You – Even after seaching if you won’t get required information in google, We help you can help the customer in getting those information

50. Learning by doing – Provide kit where ever it is required or provide video excersises etc. This will help people to learn more easily and get the required information

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