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“Health” Business Ideas – First Version :-


1. Platform which displays all the major disease type and its symptoms and how to avoid it

2. Platform which has all the FAQs from the patient and doctor on particular topics

3. Platform where user call or chat with doctors

4. Platform where user can book doctors appointment

5. Platform to check the availability of the particular tablets in the near by shops

6. Platform to shop tablets

7. Platform which displays the profiles of all the doctors based on location

8. Platform which detects any accident (like vehicle, fire etc) if happened nearby 

9. Platform which alerts near by ambulance as soon as accident happens

10. Platform which detects if there is a chance of accident that might happen while travelling

11. Accident proof  vehicles

12. Develop something sensing tool which can sense any possible malfunction inside and outside body

13. Platform which interviews the people who got cured of some big disease

14. Personal medical kit while travelling

15. Supplier or manufacturer of hospital products

16. List of all the hospitals nearby and there features, benefits etc

17. Food delivery for sugar, diabetic, unhealthy patients etc

18. List of food items and its usage to the body

19. Exercise types and its usage

20. Maintaining healthy environment like clean the dustbins, put mosquito smoke etc

21. Disease detect platform like cancer

22. Health blog

23. Expert treatment, coaching on subscription basics

24. Pollution control masks

25. Platform which list the Ayurveda and Homeopathy hospitals, its profile, its review , book appointment etc

26. Organization which do’s free medical checkup 

27. Platform which keeps track of medical history of the person

28. Blood Bank

29. Platform which sends messages to any organisations, tv, radio, social media etc regarding the required blood 

30. Medical camp in villages, offices etc

31. Medical ICU plane/choppers which will help in cases of emergency in villages or 2 – tier cities

32. Strange signs – If you start feeling something strange then search for that strange occurrence and contact doctor 

33. Fitness tracking

34. TV shows and Radio shows with respect to health

35. Platform which lists all the health improve centers aerobics, yoga, gym etc

36. Health related magazines

37. Coconut water delivery and other juice delivery to home and hospitals

38. Alert blood Donner, food Donner, coconut water etc

39. Tool like medi assist

40. Finance help in case of health emergency

41. Forum and survey

42. Record what to talk , your questions when meeting highly busy doctors

43. Medical awareness in buses to villages, offices etc 

44. Inspirational Platform – Guidelines or Motivations for people who are mentally very week, very depressed etc

45. Book a nurse

46. Workshops from experts

47. Platform to provide details on sick porn areas through map, this will help which place to avoid while travelling

48. Platform which provides all the above information


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