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Generic Business Ideas 1.3

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1. Quality/test Certification to make sure everything is working fine before some event/exam/release

2. Gas absorber in case of leakage , this will avoid gas explode etc

3. Building/construction inspection to certify it is of best quality – such that it can with stand gas explode or earthquake or lighting or any other thing under certain limit

4. Relationship building body like netowrking

5. Political case studies like why party failed, what can be done to win upcomin elections etc

6. Adverse effect due to some government actions, health actions, relationship action etc

7. Hike information of compainies, commodities etc this helps which company to join or by which commodity i need start the business

8. Parenting guide

9. Boost to grow individuals finance, personal relationships , companies revenue growth etc

10. Famous people news like trump news in easy understanding format etc

11. Entertainment gossips

12. Initiatives against hate crimes like racism, religions, country etc

13. Service and upgrade test

14. Census on various topics like populations, earning, poor, religious, smart cities etc

15. Launch event organizer, q&a, walk-in etc

16. Claiming websites like insurance , medical etc

17. Offer claiming

18. Initiatives to avoid diseases

19. Flaws detections

20. Initiatives against climate change

21. Just married – Share all the other profiles received earlier before marriage to the required people through a genuine organization/platform

22. Pre – Advice on road block

23. Pre – video coverage for booking places like marriage hall booking, travel booking, etc

24. Famous personalities lifestyles

25. Celebrity offlicial page listing, news, gossips, upcoming events etc

26. Top 10 books in each particular subjects

27. Praticle learning

28. Diet practices by great personalities

29. Initiatives to speak about issues and great opportunities by great personalities or problem experienced people etc

30. Latest offer updates like jio., airtel, tatasky, act etc

31. Organisation which helps people to easily build the second income stream

32. Newsletter blog

33. How to do the things very quickly

34. Major events happened for today

35. Legal document verifies – like Fake house docs, Fake Notes etc

36. Initiative to study the business model, initiative model, success model like below

37. Liquor Sides like chips, chineese items, egg items etc- sales near liquor shops, delivery etc

38. Set up ware houses and lease or rent for big product manufacturing, eCommerce companies

39. Share the commercial or recidencial space to use as godown

40. All about new launches like reviews, photos, videos,

41. Initiate multiple business for people in need like train food distributors, small shop owners etc who can also simultaneously do other business apart from what they are already doing. For example train food distributors can also sell other products apart from selling the food

42. Dealers, Distributors, Retail shop owners feedback and reviews about their business

43. Workshop on great people ,their initiatives , their lifestyles etc

44. World help organisation
45. World feedback/survey and voting platform. Which can provide solution for the world problems
46. Election security organisation
47.  Free laundromat for poor – small minimal fee for membership or get from advertisers
48. free tv watching – small minimal fee for membership or get from advertisers
49. free bike washing –  small minimal fee for membership or get from advertisers
50. free car washing –  small minimal fee for membership or get from advertisers
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