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Generic Business Ideas 1.2

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1. Device which highlights danger and send notification to all nearby people. This can avoid various crimes as it send notifications to nearby people etc

2. Entrepreneurs benefit tools like easy development, payment gateway etc

3. Freshers interview preparation tool

4. Change exchange center like 2000 rupee change

5. Tool/Resource which identify/lists the faults observed in products, customer complaints etc.This will improve the quality of the products

6. Platform which helps in sending wishes in innovative ways

6. Astrology classes or training

7. Platform highlighting great personalities messages

8. People Suggestion for ongoing strikes like how to overcome these things in future

9. Become Sales Analyst for a brand

10. E-auctions

11. Government jobs recruting and training portal

12. E-sales for big bazaar, dmart, central etc

13. Voice of common people based on certain events, locations etc

14.  Experience travel destination in very close manner. This helps in planning the travel very well

15.  Providing Free wi-fi at important destinations like stations, hospitals, shopping malls, remote places etc

16. Political comedy make ups like videos, GIF, animated videos, cartoons etc

17. Swach bharat consultancies

18. “One day help from each person per quater” this will act as a helping hand for the needed people

19. Make a way to easily buy and sell the products

20. Travel destination photos, art, landmark, suggestions, guide at the near by accommodation places like hotels, shops etc.

21. Redesigning of waste items in house and selling

22. Real example or conversation with people who made money online like stocks, lead etc

23. Real example or conversation with people who made success in interviews, exams etc

24. Real example or conversation with people who made success in life , careers etc

25. Daily house cleaner consultancies like in apartments we wont get and also trust
is very important, in similar way to agarwal packers which is there for packers and movers

26. Food recipe app

27. How to solve a problem. This can be highlighted in cartoon or animation.

28. Win prizes with contest. App/website which highlighted the details for the same

29. Market new features , new initiatives, new offers , new openings etc like paytm features

30 How a feature can help you like mapmyindia, adhaar card etc

31. Competition in district, state, country for cleanliness, health wise, sport etc

32. E-Auction of tender with details

33. Tell your success stories

34. Airbnb for office space

35. Clean water delivery

36. Night sweeping drive

37. Imported product sales

38. Dairy products for summer

39. Door to door waste collection

40. Citizenship, immigration process, news etc

41 Road trip which highlights better road, refreshment , safety etc

42. Retail takeoff with famous brand like

43. Business cources

44. Nursing the needy

45. Night view of cities, sunset views of nature places cities etc

46. Agriculture helpline

47. Job seekers helpline

48. Route highlights where ever it is required

49. Preparing for the worst like firing, health etc

50. Guiding on people who are planning to do something like business, social cause, implementation etc

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