General Ideas

General/Trending/Innovation/Random Business Ideas :-

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       1. Listing Quotes

Listing quotes from famous persons and organization, also listing their stories

       2. Cryptocurrency development

Bitcoin is becoming popular, So lot of companies would have already started with other crypto currency development

  1. Upcoming Computational news

This helps the similar vendors to identify what competitors are doing , also can identify the gaps in it and also implement the same in their own style

  1. Inspiration Stories

This always motivates the people

  1. Best art display

Market the best arts through online, exhibitions, offline sales etc

  1. Customer experience listing tool

Users are daily experiencing something – either it may be travel exp, product usage exp, movies exp, service exp, interview exp etc. Developing a platform to get & list the customer experience help other customers to make the plan

  1. Listing must visited places for different age groups

Listing the travel places which are best suited for different age groups. This help in planning the travel very well

  1. Lowest Emi offers like cars , houses etc

Listing the lowest Emi offers for the product purchases/house etc.

  1. Providing information on estimated market growth

This helps people who are interested to do some business, investing in business, purchasing costly products/house etc, to decide how the market will be after some specific period of time

  1. Guidelines on mastering a subject

This helps people to master in particular field and improve in it

  1. Conducting awareness programs

Now a days there are lot of aware ness required like climate change, pollution, price rise, health problems, automation which take away jobs etc. Starting the awareness program helps in controlling the same

  1. Report card for every organizations

This helps in increasing the competition among peers , motivate to do more hard/smart work which in turn help in their development and also if consider social/govt service it helps to the public a lot

  1. Fake news identifier

Now a days lot of fake news are circulated in social medias. Identify & tagging them as fake helps people in overcoming misunderstand

  1. Fake/illegal organization identifier

Now a days lot of fake/illegal organizations which take away end users money or end users might get affected after some years due to the trusting of fake/illegal organisation. Identify & tagging them as fake helps people in overcoming these kind of problems

  1. Women oriented business

Starting women focused business like listing jobs which are very favourable to women’s, women security, women shopping etc

  1. Disabled oriented business

Starting disabled focused business like listing jobs which are very favourable to disabled, disabled security, disabled shopping, taking care of their heath etc

17.Apex body of management

Develop management software which manages apex bodies. Apex indicates top highest part of something like educational universities, real estate managemen

18. Organizing warm welcomes

Organize the warm welcome events or drinks or foods or with gifts etc

19. Same day delivery app/website

Provide same day delivery service through website/app

20.Updating polluted areas in app/website

Develop app/website which helps users to update polluted area and take care the necessary things to clean up the polluted area

21. Q&A for free medical checkup

Organize free medical checkup and also arrange Q&A either through online or offline

22.Installing charging stations

Construct charging stations to charge vehicles, phones, batteries etc

23. Listing gallery of fashion icons

Develop website which list the gallery of celebrities, fashion icons etc

24. Money managing tools

Whenever people start earning they require money management tool tp manage their savings through investments, savings etc. Developing such tools help people very much

25. Teacher training centers

If new to teaching then teachers require training. Provide a way so that new teachers become flexible in training

26. Guiding youngsters interested in Agriculture

Agriculture is always interested. People interested in agriculture will always face difficulties in how to start/what to start/land etc. Develop tool which provide the information on the same

27. Voting for yearend/monthend/weekend start-ups, personalities, vehicle’s, movies, events, skills etc

Problem  it is solving :-

Help people in deciding what to buy, which movie to see etc  and also it increases competition and hard work to reach to goal for vendors

28. Bitcoin Investment

Problem it is solving

Bitcoin is becoming popular. Proper guide on the same help people interested in investing to invest in the same

29. Webinar updates from famous personalities

             Problem it is solving

Helps the required people in attending these kinds of webinars and also help them to learn about how they succeeded

30. Long journey Road trip planner

 Problem it is solving

Planning long holidays is always tuff like vehicles booking, accommodation, packing etc. Solve this problem by you becoming travel planner and help travellers in enjoy vacation without anything to worry.

31. Paint exhibition

Problem it is solving

Lot of people do painting but there is no proper tool / marketing team to showcase their work. Build something which help painters in reaching large audience

32. You get it if You guess it

     Problem it is solving

It offers free products to the customers who guess the right answers

33. Organize gaming shows

             Problem it is solving

Help game developers to showcase their products, help game planners to showcase their game activities, help companies to promote their games, help kids to enjoy various games

34. Sharing Space photos taken by satellites

Problem it is solving

People always wish to see how space looks like sharing those photos help people to see, enjoy, share learn etc

35. Recipe dealer

Problem it is solving

Help people/restaurants etc to prepare various kinds of food

  36. Recipe making video

       Problem it is solving

Helps people who don’t know how to cook, helps people to learn making new food, help people who are looking to put up a restaurant etc

37. Keeping audience engaged with brands

Problem it is solving

Brand awareness/ engagement required by most of the start-ups. Products, movies etc.  Helping them in always promoting the brand on their behalf really help them to focus more on their product/service and leaving promotion / marketing to you.

38. Sharing videos on how to something possible

           Problem it is solving

Helps people in achieving / passing exam / interview / starting business etc

39. Conducting emission test

Problem it is solving

Help in people to undergo the emission test for their vehicle when ever and where ever it is possible

40. Vehicle cleaning services

Problem it is solving

Help in people to have their vehicle washed when ever and where ever it is possible & also do a booking service for the same

41. Swatch Bharat app

             Problem it is solving

Help people to find restrooms, dustbins, vehicle cleaning services, polluted areas and to clean it etc

42. Car air purifier

Problem it is solving

Helps environment in controlling the pollution

43. Stock agents

Problem it is solving

Help people who are doing trade business in achieving their success

44. Stock price guidelines

Problem it is solving

Provide the required stock price guidelines (which will go up/down etc) for required people which help them in investing on stocks

45. Power to all

Problem it is solving

Lot of areas faces power shortage – Make an initiative to work on the Power to all. This helps to power up all the areas

46. Caste census

      Problem it is solving

It helps in welfare, unity, providing govt policies, controlling the population etc

47. Sponsoring for visa

Problem it is solving

There are lot of visas for various countries – sponsoring these visas help the people who are willing to go abroad

48. Beautiful views of the day

 Problem it is solving

Let’s start a day by seeing beautiful scenic view with quote. This helps people in creating motivation among them

49. Tourism adventure safety verification & giving ratings

       Problem it is solving

Adventures tourism requires how safe it is. Verifing their safety and provide with necessary guidelines help people who are planning for adventurers trip

50. Diabetic friendly food

Problem it is solving

Help people who are having Diabetics. Even deliver to their door step