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“Finance” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. Platform which describes all financial things in neat diagrammatic and video format

2. Offline tutorial for the above point

3. Financial planning website

4. Offline financial planning


5. Chat or call or mail etc to expert

6. Become stock broker

7. Become insurance agent

8. Efile tax

9. Publish financial book on kindle and offline

10. Start Auditing firm

11. Financial blog

12. Publish Finance magazine and newspaper

13. Financial helping business

14. Mock up platform to learn all the financial investment/planning aspects. 

15. Become investor to startups

16. Become dealer for mobile money services

17. Financial adviser

18. Safe locker dealer

19. Compare all types of loans – like bankbazaar

20. Compare all types of policies – like policybazaar

21. Site which instantly connects to financial agents and brokers

22. Organize bills, make payment on time without due, alerts, auto renew etc

23. Platform which display spend statistics 

24. Financial Checklist Guidelines while purchasing costly products

25. Workshops on various topics

26. Funding to Our Army

27. Financial terminologies in only images

28. Chat/Call/Mail financially successful people

29. Finance calculator

30. Developing Payment Gateway

31. Lending to SME’S

32. Invest on idea/POC

33. Guide to access to all financial help services 

34. Dealer of card payment processor, money counting machines, atm machines and other financial related products

35. How to make a lakh/crore 

36. Guide on various ways to earn money 

37. Real estate investment Guidelines


38. Platform supporting to open up a retail or offline shops 

39. Company, Property etc registration firm

40. Start Installment Loan firm like Affirm

41. Group Investment

42. Connects investor clients to lenders in the marketplace

43. Foreign exchange firms 

44. Financial Tracking 

45. Financing in emergencies 

46. Schedule meeting with financial experts 

47. Travelling and miss an atm

48. Ease of contacting and getting financial help

49. Security Devices

50. All the above service in one single platform