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Entertainment Business Ideas

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“Entertainment” Business Ideas – First Version

1. Website which keeps on updating galleries , photo shoots of actress & actors, Movie releases etc

2. Entertainment blog

3. Platform for Ad free movies, songs, interviews, sports etc

4. Organiize fun events

5. Platform where user can see offline songs, movies, interviews etc

6. Travel related platforms like website which shows food high way , party places etc

7. Platform which has all eroric videos, photos etc

8. Platform which display erotic stories

9. Ad agencies

10. Party orgainzers for all party related activities

11. Display opportunites in entertainment industries, auction, audition etc

12. Workshop on entertainment related subjects like acting, opportunities, singing, makeup etc

13. Exhibhition on all acting related opportunities, contacts etc

14. Animation indurtries

15. Platform which provides a way for aspiring actors/actress, singers, makeup artists to make up their career etc

16. Rent/Build hall which provides all entertainment related trainings

17. Entertaiment marketing

18. Style Trend in the indian and world market

19. Offline Sale of beauty products

20. Wesite which delivers only 3D channels, 3D tv, 3d games etc

21. Platform connecting to all games related site, apps etc

22. Bringing talents from villages or rural areas

23. Organizing/conducting talent shows

24. After work – what people require

25. Platform or tools so that people can make movies very very easily, without investing any cost- It can include even backgroud music, songs etc

26. List all ratings for particular movie, reviews, audiance feedback etc

27. Social media entertainer

28. Kids entertaiment – Games, toys etc

29. Entertainment kit which helps during travelling

30. Platform which analyse and displays the shows that are most watched in tv and recommending those shows to other producers, directors , audiance etc

31. Platform to connect to movie, serial, shows makers easily

32. Party booking

33. Party kit for people who want to make parties

34. Writing story books and sell thorugh magazines, in kindle etc

35. Animated erotic stories , erotic movies

36. Retail shop for all entertainment products

37. Website for all entertainment products

38. Dealer/Distributors for entertainment products

39. Movie on roads – Show new release while travelling

40. Hiring talent from schools, colleges etc

41. Show the talent through a platform

42. Movie theater kit

43. Provide a wishlist on which kinds of shows, which kind of stories you are interested and Get notified for the same , e.g some people interrested in love stories, some are suspence etc

44. Get notified on any entertainment activities like news, audition, tickets etc

45. Pick caller tune, car tune, other related tunes

46. Viral video app

47. Modelling career opportunities, ad opportunities, modelling guidelines , photoshots

48. Advice , guidelines from successfull people

49. You tube entertainer

50. Platform where user can keep the memories in the form of films like college days, school days etc

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