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“Education” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. Website

Website/Platform/Organisation which organizes all the ideas provided on school and  college student ideas

2. Abroad Education 

Start abroad education visa consultancy services

3.  Field Expert 

Start particular field expert schools like if anybody wants to learn music then start music school etc

4. Start stationary shops 

Start stationary offline shops

 5. Manufacture and Distribution

Start manufacturing/distribution for stationary items

 6. Internet, xerox, printer, scanning, lamination etc shop

Start Internet, xerox, printer, scanning, lamination etc shop, It should be near to colleges, schools, offices etc

7. Start a student, colleges, career etc Magazine

Start Magazine publishing agencies which provides career advise for students

8. Publish content to student, colleges, career etc Magazine

Start publishing career guidelines on Magazines, papers etc

9. Write amazon kindle educational books for schools and colleges

Write and publish educational books on amazon kindle

10. Market educational books

Sell educational books online or offline

11. Become a book publisher 

Become a publisher to release the book

12. Interview Rehearsal for college outputs and some experience candidates

Start interview rehearsal agencies for college students. This is very important since it provides training to students on how to face interviews, what questions generally are asked in interviews etc

13. Job consultancy for freshers and experienced people

Start job consultancy for freshers and experienced people

14. Coaching for civil service exams, IIT etc

Start coaching center for civil service examination preparations

15. Job portal for all kinds of jobs like naukri

Start a job portal like Naukri

16. Workshops on Govt Jobs, Govt Exams , Govt Projects etc

Start workshop services on providing information on Govt Exams, Govt Jobs, Govt Projects and all govt related things

17. Consultancy on entrepreneurship

Start consultancy which provides guidelines on entrepreneurship like product  designing, marketing, raising funds etc

18. Consultancy/school on manufacturing products

Start a school which provide information and practical exercises  on how to manufacture a product

19. Job and certification specific tutorials like CCNA, Java, Python etc

Start or conduct certification tutorials like CCNA, CAD etc

20. Webinar just like Educart

Website which provides training in the form of webinars

21. Demo the job satisfaction and career advice

Start consultancy which demos how a particular field is when they start to work – This is like job satisfaction, salaries, work life balance, pressure etc

22. Automate the training to choose person’s career

Automate the training such that, A person can learn the things very very easy like java etc Also automate such that how easily a particular task can be done using Java or C. or Python This help people to decide which language is very easy and also helps to choose there career

23. Interview questions website 

Platform which provides Interview Question Details

24. Video call or just call or chat with product experts

Easily connect to product expert like connect through video call or just call or just chat

25. Financial help service for education 

NGO’S which provides financial supports and also provides information on how to get money/loan for education

26. Organize exhibition on jobs, schools, colleges, abroad etc

Organize the exhibition which showcases jobs or schools or colleges or abroad studies etc

27. Abroad job and visa consultancy

Consultancies which deals with processing of Visa’s and Abroad Job Opportunities

28. Part time job consultancy/website

Consultancies/platform which deals with part time job offers

29. Bookstore rental services

Renting of text books or notebooks or both

30. Buy educational franchise

Buy an educational franchise like pre-schools, product distributions etc

31. Platform for training rooms availabilities

Platform which displays the training room availability information with respect to the cities

32. Ola/Uber for tutor experts

Can there be a platform like Ola/Uber which allows checkin to get the guidelines from experts based on the subject

33. Platform to simplify exam preparation

Platform which simplify exam preparation like providing animated tutorials, frequent questions asked in exams, previous question paper etc

34. Students assessment analytics like where he is poor at and where he is good at etc

Platform which provides students assessment information. This helps where he/she is poor at and how to improve

35. Knowledge Sharing 

For e.g, Some students immediately learn from getting in-person training on particular topic rather than sitting and reading books. These in-person training can be organized through any platform

36. Distance learning 

Website which displays the distance learning universities and information

37. Career Improvement 

Education on how to keep on improving in job , how to go on increasing the salary, promotions, certificates etc

38. Corporate trainer

Organize or Provide or You yourself become the corporate trainer

39. Office product manufacturer

Become office product manufacturer like files, books, pens etc

40. Office product Suppliers

Become office product suppliers like files, books, pens etc

41. Consultancy to provide security guards to schools, colleges and offices

Consultancy to provide security guards to schools, colleges and offices

42. Cab, bus services to schools, colleges and offices

Organization which provides cab services for schools, colleges and offices

43. Current trend in market 

E.g :- Understanding what field is booming in the market. This helps in focusing on that particular subject and in-turn helps in getting the jobs, salaries, abroad opportunities etc . Conducting current trend will be very useful for people looking out jobs , abroad etc

44. Chat/Call/Mail 

Chat/Call/Mail to the people who has been successful in their career. For e.g some people will go to the abroad very early. Knowing how did they manage to go there is very important , what was the procedure , interview etc

45. A step to improve govt schools and colleges 

NGO or Any Organization can be involved in improving govt schools, colleges etc. Still many people won’t send their children’s to govt schools due to the lack of facilities

46. Survey 

Survey on Educational subjects, Job satisfaction , Money, Work life balance , Career path etc

47. Educational blog

Updating educational information timely in the blog

48. Helping people who are not getting jobs 

Helping the people who are not getting the jobs for many years by providing them training, projects from opensource or any other projects and then provide the experience. This helps people to search the jobs with an experience.

49. Single site which provides links for all kind of job portals

Single site which provides links for all kind of job portals

50. Provide all the above services in One Single Website

. Providing all the above services in One Single Website would be very beneficial for students, job searchers , working class etc

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