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Listed below is the simple sample support. Similar and still more real info we provide for all the ideas published here. Please click here to connect us for the same. We will be happy to provide required info

IDEA :- Sharing real photos

Aim :-

Share real photos/videos of tourists spots, hotels, vehicles, food, flat, plot etc. Helps users in finding up to date data

E.g :- Share upcoming flat photos and videos. This helps people to plan their next move on purchasing those flats, same can go handy for tourist spots

Reduce :-

Uncertinity to make out things when planning vacation or buying things

Eliminate :-

Research on how places would be or what is the current condition etc

Raises :-

Get the real time update of the current sitution

Create :-

Platform where we can get real photos and updates on current situations

Facts :-

Comments from Goibio, Makemytrip or comments in 99acres etc highlight the need of the same

Size :-

New constructions, new hotels or existing hotel/plot reviews/vacation planning are always on-going and its always the need of one or the other person from students to retired persons

Key Partners :-

Construction flats, exisitng flats, hotels, food partners etc

Key Activities :-

Collecting photos, partnering with vendor, marketing

Value :-

Helps in getting up to date data

Distribution :-

Social media, web page

Investment :-

Hiring, Marketing, Setup

Revenue :-

Subscription services – partner with vendors and bring customers to them and partner with hotel/property related websites and link to your website to give trust to the users

Competition :-

Exisitng sites itself are putting the same, Google maps people are uploading. But there is no dedicated platform for the same


Can scale from one location to world wide and can scale from hotels to flats to tourist spots to hospitals etc

To start with/Test :-

Start uploading in Social media sites, google maps and check how customers are reacting , Copyright your brand in photos and videos
Start website in word press

Recurring :-

Customer will be keep visiting to the sites when they are booking a flat, hotel, going for vacation, dinner etc

Challenges :-

Always need to have current data. If a existing vendor upgrades and then that data should be there. Like Before and After upgrade. Also visit each and every vendor for capturing the photos – This requires travelling, time and investment. And also Convincing vendors for the same might be difficult.

Where you will get the vendors :-

From exisiting sites, map, newspapers etc

Impact to Targeted customers :-

1> Helps in getting up to date photos, videos, reviews etc on what they are looking for. 2> Help them to plan there next proceedings on the same

Impact to Creators (Who create this business/projects) :-

Students :- Develop a APP with your favorite code which help in taking photos/videos of the spot and upload to the app on the go (include other features like integrating Maps, Chats, Reviews, Payment, VR etc). This can be your college/school project, contribution to opensource, apply for competitions, apply for project certifications from Microsoft/Google etc. Apart from that this helps in learning and at the same time bring weight-age to your Resume

Existing Business :- If you are already into real-estate/vacation/hotel business, you can use this business as an extension to your existing business and build trust with the customers

Entrepreneur :- Looking to start from scratch. This can be a nice and simple and required business

Freelancer :- Propose to new clients or existing clients to include this feature in there project. This helps in proposing creative feature to the clients who are looking to outsource similar kind of projects to freelancers

Blogger :- Are you blogging on realty/tourist spots/hotels etc. Include this feature in your blog. This helps your blog readers to get real update and also helps you in marketing, growing and building trust with your blog readers

Easy of doing this Business :-

Implementation is easy, since tools are available in the market for the same. But collecting real time data from various location can be difficult. Since it requires travelling, partnering with vendors who can always provides up to date data to you, hiring, camera quality etc

Part time/Full time :-

Initially it can be part time since you can collect and upload places near by to you but extension to different places requires either you or somebody to be full time

Conclusion :-

As mentioned in “Easy of doing business”, It is easy as implementation but execution is bit challenging. Test,plan and focus one by one properly.

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