OPP2403-“DriveSmart Events”

Problem it is solving :- “Helps to people how one should drive a vehicle in any place like crowded area, highways, curvy roads etc”

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OPP2278-“One cab booking app for all cab booking apps”

Problem it is solving :- “Sometimes getting a cab will take time when we booked it in one app. This is because cab owners might have enabled other booking apps or will be far away or will be dropping other passengers, in this case we miss the near by cabs which can reach us very fast. This problem can be avoided/solved if we have one app which helps to connect to all the cab booking app and connect to the cab which can reach very fast”

OPP2157-“Food while travelling”

Problem it is solving :- “Going on long journey and unable to find favorite food – Order the same through the app, which can be delivered at required location”

Like imagine you travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai in cab or your own vehicle and you wished to have mysore/bangalore specific food/Or any nice daba food. Then he/she can order it through your developed app and it should be delivered to their location

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