OPP2392-“Crop residues”

Problem it is solving :- “Collect crop residues and sell it. It help in earning income, food for animals, better irrigation etc” If liked this … More

OPP2390-“Diversify earnings”

Problem it is solving :- “Encouraging farmers to diversify into other fields like fishery, dairy, vegetable sales etc will improve the economic … More

OPP2284-“Ask to public”

Problem it is solving :- “Useful for politicians, famous personalities, artists, organisations, to connect to the public easily and also … More

OPP2194-“Charity auction”

Problem it is solving :- “Perform charity auction by providing some returns like gifts to the people who become charity donors”

OPP2097-“Caste census”

Problem it is solving It helps in welfare, unity, providing govt policies, controlling the population etc

OPP2092-“Swatch Bharat app”

Problem it is solving Help people to find restrooms, dustbins, vehicle cleaning services, polluted areas and to clean it etc