OPP2417-“Sales Rank”

Problem it is solving :- “Help in purchasing the best product and also it increases competition among peers to deliver … More

OPP2397-“Food to Livestock”

Problem it is solving :- “As name indicates, Become dealer who sell foods for Livestock“ If liked this idea/concept, Please click the … More

OPP2392-“Crop residues”

Problem it is solving :- “Collect crop residues and sell it. It help in earning income, food for animals, better irrigation etc” If liked this … More

OPP2229-“Stay tuned”

Problem it is solving :- “Provide Stay tuned information about an event/sports/movie/workshops/sales etc that is going to happen. This helps people to … More


Problem it is solving :-“Understanding the customer better, what is problem, what they except etc before marketing the products. Helps organization … More