OPP2242-“Smart locks”

Problem it is solving :- “Develop smart lock to lock the house, car etc which can be – Locked through mobile app, Automatically gets locked if we forget to lock, can be opened with your permission, can set permission to open that lock for more than one person, alert if any body unknown tries to open the lock & record it and still many more features can be included with this smart lock. This helps in replacing traditional locks with more flexible and complex locks and also helps in avoiding crimes”

OPP2312-“Alternatives to password”

Problem it is solving :- “Authenticating using password is becoming old fashion. These passwords can be hacked or can be identified by randomly typing something (in case two way authentication is not enabled). These flaws can be overcome by developing a tool which authenticate using other alternatives like finger print reader or eye scanner or voice recognizer etc – Developing and providing such tools helps the people in authenticating there stuff.

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