OPP2418-“Interactive News”

Problem it is solving :- “With interaction, customer can understand and give any solution/advice/comment for the news they read. This … More

OPP2188-“Economy watch”

Problem it is solving :- “App which monitors the fiscal performance of any organization, govt, individuals, business etc. This helps all … More

OPP2160-“Feedback Box”

Problem it is solving :- “Develop feedback box which can be placed in public places like banks, train/bus stations, toilets … More

OPP2075-“Money managing tools”

Whenever people start earning they require money management tool to manage their earnings through investments, savings etc. Developing such tools … More

OPP2068-“Apex body management”

Develop management software which manages apex bodies. Apex indicates top highest part of something like educational universities, real estate management