“P2P Leading Platform”

“P2P Leading Platform” :- Develop P2P lending platform. Check the Benefits of P2P lending platforms over bank loans #P2P, #leading, #businessideas – The Economic Times Video https://t.co/v0NA55Dxst via @economictimes — Margin.ind.in (@margin_ind_in) November 22, 2018  

Margin Flagship 3208 Idea :- “Become brand in certifying the checklist for sites like quality of the construction site, raw materials used, skilled workers experience, legality, check any defects etc”

Margin 2534 Idea :- “Starting assisted services to help people who are looking to buy/rent/lease housing/commercial projects” #buying/renting/leasing , #housing/commercial

#buying/renting/leasing , #housing/commercial

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