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Finance Ideas

OPP2409-“All about GST”

Problem it is solving :- “One platform which help in training, guiding, filling, claiming etc of GST. Lot of people will not be having proper information about GST and also […]

OPP2390-“Diversify earnings”

Problem it is solving :- “Encouraging farmers to diversify into other fields like fishery, dairy, vegetable sales etc will improve the economic condition of the farmers, as they will start to earn extra […]

OPP2389-“Invest & Earn”

Problem it is solving :- “Buy farm land and hire farmers for farming. This helps both you and farmers in earning income from agriculture output” If liked this idea/concept, Please click the […]

OPP2188-“Economy watch”

Problem it is solving :- “App which monitors the fiscal performance of any organization, govt, individuals, business etc. This helps all the concerned people/organization to handle money matters smoothly”