“Blockchain workshop” #business #businessideas #startupideas #innovation

“Blockchain workshop” :-  Blockchain is one of the technology that is booming in current industries . Organizing the #Blockchain workshops – designed by blockchain experts can be one of the business ideas/startup ideas

“Record the drive” #business #businessideas #startupideas #innovation

Record the drive  :-  Develop a device which can be installed in cars/bikes and record the car drive/bike drive video in very high quality, store it and can upload/share the same to social media or your local machine. It can be a new add-on who like to record their drive. This can be nice businessContinue reading ““Record the drive” #business #businessideas #startupideas #innovation”

“Create E-Notebook” #e-notebook #notebook, #education #students

“Create E-Notebook” :-  Become a brand in creating e-notebooks for schools and sell the same to the schools/school students through offline/online , also develop platform to create e-notebook for particular subjects and distribute the same to the students

“Sell/credit exam items” #exams, #education, #training

“Sell exam items” :-  Credit/sell items that are required when writing the exams at the exam location. Required items may be pen, pencil, rubbers, papers, practice papers, water bottles, locker for bags, mathematical sets etc

“Generate logic and architecture”

“Generate logic and architecture” :-  Design tool which can generate logic and architecture for the programmings, projects, designs, feature enhancement etc. This helps easily implement the programs or projects or find solution for the problem

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