OPP2402-“Top Universities”

Problem it is solving :- “Start consulting firm which helps students in getting admitted to Top Educational Universities around the world”

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OPP2244-“Trying but still not happening”

Problem it is solving :- “This problem might be happening in all categories like reducing weight, getting job, doing business, in sports, in exams etc. Identify those people and provide the very nice guidelines on what are the mistake they are doing which result in still not achieving the success even though they are trying enough. This helps the people to overcome failure and achieve the success”

OPP2320-“Learning with experts”

Problem it is solving :- “Most people do self learning but learning with experts helps to learn easily, get solution for the queries easily, crack the interviews easily etc

Develop tool which helps the people to register and book the expert who will be helping  them in learning very easily. Learning might be anything like programming languages, exercise, sports etc

OPP2230-“Trending skills & it’s tutorial”

Problem it is solving :-“Now a days even we prepare some languages for interviews there are other trending technologies which most of the companies will be using. If we are not aware of those technologies then there will be the chances of getting rejected in an interview. Providing tutorials on the same helps job seekers/freelancer/companies etc to get a jobs/contract etc and also helps tutors in earning more income”

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