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Generic Business Ideas 1.1

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1. Earn through ZAP (Zoomcar Associate Program)

Register/Lease your new car with Zoomcar.  Zoomcar list your car with on their platform and helps customer to book your car. You will earn the cash for customer bookings. This can help as extra income or help in your car EMI’S. More info

2. Platform for ZAP

Design platform which connects Car Owners willing for ZAP. Provide the existing customers reviews/feedbacks. Track your car on behalf of you. Marketing the ZAP, guide etc

3. Legality while buying/selling property

Scams might happen and buyer will be left with losing the huge amount of money, if the property the customers are buying are not legal. Property onwner’s can sell their property to multiple people by making their property documents look fresh and originals everytime. This will at later point of time create huge problems for the buyers.

So, A proper property verification consultancy would be very helpful in avoiding these kind of scams

4.  Travel adviser using Google Maps

Explore the places , Add photos, Study the details of the places, Pin your address and phone number in the map. Any travelers who browse that location can contact you as their travel adviser

5. Google map travel adviser platform 

This platform can organize the travel adviser details in the google map with respect to locations or As a platform owner, you yourself can hire travel adviser for particular locations. This will help travelers to easily connect to travel advisers, look location details in map and also feel safe if platform is maintained very genuine

6. Release the Travel Book

Combining both 4th and 5th point above and also adding lots of travel photos, lot of information about the location, You can release the book.

7. Tourist safety measures 

Platform where tourist can check in the locations where they are planning to go. Upon check-in platform can provide all the safety related information about that location like how child / user friendly that location is, its whether (right time to go),  Is it suited for families/bachelors, localities information, accommodation information, reviews / feedback etc

8. Card Swipe Machine 

Due to the ban of 500 and 1000, Every shop / ticket counter / banks etc are started to use card swipe machines. Becoming a distributor for the same should be very beneficial now.

9. Educate rural areas about cashless transaction

Educating people in the rural areas on how the cashless transaction can be done will be very useful and demanding as of now. Conduct workshop or meet in-person to educate the cash less transaction

10.  Food wrapper

Manufacture / Sell food wrapping products. Now a days it is not recommend to use both newspaper and also plastic for wrapping food items.

11. Foreign Tourist 

Demonetization affected foreign tourist coming to india. How to enhance foreign tourist coming to india. A Platform can guide the foreign tourist with the information like where cash are available, digital payments available or not, petrol & toll currency exchange information, Govt assistance during demonetization etc

12. Mobile Payment

Due to demonetization mobile payments are becoming more demanding. Development of high profile mobile payment solution will be very demanding going forward

13. Platform/Workshop on digitalizing cash

Platform / workshop, which provides a detailed information on how to use mobile payment gateways like paytm/mobwiki, specific bank mobile payments like hdfc mobile banking etc. This is very beneficial for the people now.

14. Speak The Concern

Platform where user can speak about their concerns, feedback, problems, locality,  issues etc. This helps the people to come together in solving the issues and also these information can be sent to concerned govt officials

15. Conduct or Start Cash Less Drive

Conduct or Start Cash Less Drive , to encourage and to bring awareness on cashless payments, its benefits etc. These drives can be extended to other subjects like using green solutions, traffics etc

16. Reporter

Mobile App which acts as a reporter if anything wants to be reported to the concerned person. For example, if a road is not clean/patches are there, then this app should allow to take photos with some details like location etc and send it to concerned people (concerned people may be govt officials)

17. Loans for people affected by natural disasters

For example, Farmer loans can be provided in case of drought. Drought indirectly affects the crop growing and also sales, so providing the loan for farmers will help them very much

18. The patriotism

Bringing the Patriotism among the us (citizens of india) is always a good move. Developing a platform which will celebrate all the patriotism days, army days, navy days, airforce days, Great personalities days, Great martyrs profiles who gave their life for the nation and also donations for the same, supporting all govt patriotism moves like playing national anthem in theaters  etc

19. Speed tracker 

Lot of accident happens with rash driving, speed tracker attached to the vehicles help in tracking the speed of vehicles and can put fine if any vehicles drive very fast. This will avoid lot of accidents. But these things should be approved by govt. If it is approved by govt, then every vehicle needs to attach with this device.

20. Mobile ATM or ATM on Go

Taxis, Bus Services, Trains, Cabs etc can implement mobile atm solution. This will help the customers to withdraw the money as and when they park into Taxies/Buses/Trains etc.

21. Jawan’s Specifc Social Media Site

22. Road To Recovery – Building self confident

23. Personal Habits to improve in life

24. Outcome/Summary of speeches

25. Unite against disrespects of nationality

26. Seasonal Sales

27. Developing Tools for easy learning

28. Pre-Queries if any event is happening – Just like Pre-order

29. Travel Booking based on interest

30. Nab the possible outcomes that might happen

31. Helping tribes in getting required things by tie-ing up with supporting organisations

32.  Virtual Reality showcase between builders and home buyers

33.  Virtual Reality showcase between travel organizer and travelling people

34. Virtual Reality showcase from families/relatives/friends staying abroad

35. Astrology services for 2017 (new year, in festival, eclipse, new/full moon, incidents etc)

36. Air Pollution – National Problem. Combat the solution

37. Road safety work – This will avoid many accidents

38. Highlighting the problems to the people who can give suggestion or help out

39. Rail , Rail station, Railway network emergencies 

40. Customer complaints on food, product, services etc

41. High net worth individual Guidelines and Q&A

42. Crowdfunding for ideas, films, NGOS etc

43. Supply materials at below market cost

44. Digital Tour – Showcase the travel destination with a guide digitally through video/images/ppt etc

45.  Beware Of Fraud – Investigate and provide valid organisations who provide particular services

46.  Kids designing like kids kitchen

47. Census on various topics like technologies, farming, real estate etc

48. Safety Tips – Road safety, Fire safety, Water safety, Construction safety etc

49. Availability Info – Is tokens available, Is tickets are available, jobs available etc

50. Planning/Boosting news – Helps to be people aware of what will happen

51. Platform for Managing money and time

52. Wholesale store/market

53. Launch news/offers/queries etc

54. Society improvement

55. Curbing Unemployment

56. Platform which highlights the Best – Like Best TV Shows/Best Products/Best Sports/Tourist Spot etc

57. Conducting Mass awareness Programs

58. Platform for testing the knowledge

59. Platform providing Stunning Photos

60. Tourism boosting

61.  FM Station for career guidelines, jobs, entrepreneur ship guidelines etc

62.  NGO For Army, Social workers etc

63.  Raise crowd fund , include all achievements etc

64.  NGO against Racism, Molestation, Crimes etc

65.  Raise crowd fund , include how value the life is etc

66. Organize trade smoothly like delivering of products, packaging, custom clearance in case import/export etc

67. Research the delivery costs, import/export working, get few customers and start off

68. Celebrity making awareness

69. Celebrities should come forward for making awareness in case of any crimes, terrorists activities etc

70. Security checking

71. NGO or any organization which always involving in patrolling areas for security checking’s

72. Compensate for petrol price hikes

73. Petrol prices are getting hiked – This increases prices of commodities Something needs to be should be done to tackle price rise by giving coupons for buying products

74. Launching soon product showcase

75. Celebrities holidaying pictures

76. Successful sport people practice sessions

77. Health tips like yoga what happens, walking what happens, running what happens

78. Timely study of environment, atmosphere, traffic, water, air, trees etc

79. Immigration health check-up

80. Disease , its symptoms and its cause

81. Top 10/20 rankings listing like cars, real estate builders, films etc

82. Taking up the voice of people

83. Farmers are protesting in pheripheral ring road for bda encorchment. How to take the voice of farmers to next level

84. Side effects of govt projects and his compensation details

85. Honouring Great Personalities

86. Exhibition to showcase the talents

87. Webinar tutorials

88. Temporary job listing

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