Generic Business Ideas 1.0

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1. Immigration Guidelines and Consultancy

With the Donald Trump Getting Elected, Providing H1-B Visa’s to the countries might get affected since his major focus was to stop providing H1-B Visa’s or Restructure the way the H Visa’s are provided.

This will result in people focusing on other type of Visa’s and also will be keen on knowing US Visa Structure and applying it very soon. Not sure when the decisions might happen and what decisions might be taken.

So, It will be better to start consultancy to provide visa’s and also guidelines on current visa structure of the countries , its impact etc

2. Invest in the US and Get a green card

With Donald Trump keen interest in developing US economy might create more opportunity for investors to invest in US Commercial Business through EB-5 visa program.

Starting off with this consultancy along with other visa consultancies as mentioned above will be very beneficial. Strong learning of process is very much required to start these kind of consultancies

3. US Export Business :-

Donald Trump focus is to put a curtail (stop/reduce) on Chinese Trade. This will be beneficial for India to export its products and services to US. Mostly pharma products will gain most out of other products as china exports pharma $20 billion to the US. Indian organic pharma products will also be beneficial from this.

4. Money Deposit :-

With Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Approach to stop the use of 500 and 1000 rupees notes, There seen a lot of people queuing up on atm’s and banks to deposit the cash.

Can there be a Money Depositor either machine/valid person who deposit cash to banks/wallet companies like paytm etc on your behalf. In future also it will helpful for people to deposit cash without going to ATM/Bank

5. Jana Sena Party :-

Jana Sena Party is full fledged making campaigning in several district. Might be some important steps will be taken as part of the development. It might be better to become the member of the party, if you are willing to make some political career interest.

Join Jana Sena Party

6. Indian Navy Opportunity :-


More Info On :-

7. Women Training To Start Food Business :-

A training program for economically weaker Women/even Men can be organised to Start The Food Business Of Their Own. This will improve them economically and lead better life. Similar to what has been done below

8. Business Opportunities in Page Industries :-

Page Industry has seen a huge growth this year . And Page Industry Ltd license of Jockey International Inc – Products are very easy to handle, easy to transport and most important they are moving products. If you are looking for business in the similar lines , You can go for this.

Its Franchise comes up with huge investment. Just become retailer purchasing some of the products directly from manufacturer or distributors

9. Water Saving, Purifying And Distributing

Can India start a similar business like “American Water” which involves in Water Saving, Purifying, Distribution, Water Bill Payments basically they make sure every drop of water does not go wasted.

India faces a lot of water crisis problem. Doing similar to “American Water” can be beneficial to either full/some extent. We need to start this step by step.

10. Year End Sales :-

Can there be a customer care or helpline number for all queries with respect to year end sales irrespective of products and location. For example , Car Manufacturer Has Come Up like below offer for year end. Like this there will many other products who will be doing the same.

11.  Emission Testing units :-

With the increase in pollution, State govt especially in Bangalore are patrolling with mobile emission testing vehicles. Vehicle owners crossing the threshold value for emission tests are fined very much.

Emission Testing Units, Will help the vehicle owners to get tested prior to being caught by state govt police.

12. IOT Center Opens in Bangalore :-

Internet Of Things – A subject which focus on connecting of devices through network. This is the one area which is booming now a days. All the devices/objects are trying to get connected through network.

IOT Center provides an opportunity for IOT startup to get mentor ship, investment, space, showcase the idea etc.

13.  Solution to No Bank Account Holders :-

There are many people who still might not hold the bank accounts with them. With the immediate announcement on the ban of 500 and 1000 rupees, Made those people to hurt badly.

People who don’t have any bank account can easily open up their account by providing documents. Now is the time to make the bank account for every citizen of India. NGO to help the people in need will be very beneficial at this point of time. Also NGO can help the needed people in availing govt benefits.

14. Indication Of Possible OutComes :-

In the recent action stunt event which resulted in the loss of two Kannada actors “Anil and Uday” would not have happened if possible precautions measures have been taken earlier itself.

Can there be a device or platform which indicates an alert based on body nervous condition whether a possible action can be avoided or how much care needs to be taken before doing possible action. This will avoid many accident that might occur.

In this case both “Anil and Uday” had expressed their fear about doing this task earlier itself. We wish both of their sole to RIP. Missed the two courageous stunt actors but will always remain in our hearts.

15.  Compensation On Prices :-

If a price of a commodity suddenly goes down than that of manufacturing cost, Then what the commodity manufacturer or farmers etc needs to do.Recently onion growers had to face the same situation and even now the rubber growers. How to compensate in such condition.

Forming NGO which help the people facing such problems might be the solution. NGO may be Crowd Funding, Investor Funding, Govt Funding etc.

16. Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Investment Meet :-

Provides an excellent platform for the business community to interact with government on exploring investment opportunities in the state. This will provide the opportunities for NGO’S, SMB’S (Small Medium Scale Businesses), Educational Institutes , Foreign Investors etc to invest in investment opportunities in the state.

17.  Successful retail business owners investing/extending in different areas :-

In the similar lines as above, Can there be a meet between the District head of different areas and with the people who are already running successful retail business in certain areas to invest or extend their business in the areas other than where they are already established.

e.g :- If a retain business owner is successfully running his business in Bangalore , Then can there be a meet between the other district heads like Mangalore, Davangere etc to establish his/her successfully running business in Mangalore, Davangere. This gives an employment and business opportunities .

18. People investing in existing successfully running retail business :-

In similar lines as above, Can there be a meet between the salaried people earning quite a well and successfully running retail business owners. This meet can provide an opportunities for salaried people to invest on successfully running retail business and get some commission out of it.

19. Funding with products for the people who are interested in retail business :-

In similar lines as above, Can there be a meet between the people who are interested in opening a retail business and successfully running retail business owners/salaried people. This meet can provide an opportunities for people interested in opening a retail business to get the products they want to sell. In this case, business owners or salaried employees can get some commission out of it.

20. Exhibition :-

Can there be an exhibition that can be organised for the ideas 17, 18 and 19 mentioned above. This will provide opportunities for lot of people interested in doing business.

21. Delhi Pollution Control Techniques And Possible Business Opportunities :-

22.  National Highway Maintenance :-

Govt intend to lease out 75 operational national highways to private players. This open up opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprise who involved in road development, maintenance, management etc. Tender process for these projects is likely to start in 2-3 months.

23. New Car Launch Opportunity :-

Skoda Launched New Car Called Rapid. People who are planning to buy New Launch Car Always Has Queries apart from the information available through various resources. Can there be a “call number” to resolve such queries. People are more eager to get information through calls apart from reading or chatting etc

24. U.S.-based International Paper (IP) :-

U.S.-based International Paper (IP) is looking for supplier opportunities in India. It manufactures Paper Related Products

25. Education Sector Opportunities :-

Huge Opportunity still lies in education sector. Our education sector innovative ideas are coming soon. Please check below link. Government made analysis on Indian education sector, its backlogs etc

More analysis on this will be coming soon

26. Modular Furnishing Opportunities :-

If you are Modular Furnishing Person, Then Grap the Opportunity by becoming partner with CapriCoast.

This bring access to lot of customers looking for modular furnishing

27. Opportunities for Women :-

Opportunities for Women – Work from home, Parttime earning, starting business etc

Please check :-

28. Accessing Things To Aspiring Entrepreneurs :-

Most of the Indian population are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. This is the most challenging move from Indian people. With this move , There is a strong requirement for supporting to build the business from idea to growth. It might require workshops, accesss to investment, firm registration etc. Accessing to entrepreneur things itself can become business

29. Cash less Toll Plaza :-

Can toll plaza be run through cashless. That is, A toll card which can be used to check in and checkout at the tolls. Amount from the card will be deducted at each Check in and Checkout. This will avoid queue , situations like banning rupees etc. Feature has already been implemented but not used in almost all tolls.

30. Waste Management Business :-

“Given the size of India and the amount of garbage that we have, it could be even a $100 billion industry by 2020, provided we build the business around Swachh Bharat.”. Waste Can be used to produce BioGas, Electricity, Recycling etc. This produced products like biogas, electricity, recycled products etc from waste management can be sold to needed customers.

Entrepreneurs urged the govt to franchise the ‘fragmented’ industry and give it industrial status, so as to explore the sector in an organised manner.

31.  Aecom Small Business Supplier Opportunities :-

Aecom calls for Small Business who bring innovations and work with them on their projects. Currently they are involved in Hebbal to Silk Board elevated corridor This might be an opportunity for SMB who are involved in construction work to work with Aecom project

32. Removal of Construction debris, drain debris, garbage debris :-

Currently large parts of cities are found to be with lot of debris near road paths, residential areas, near hospitals etc. These debris requires timely cleaning to avoid from any diseases or accidents that might occur due to debris.

NGO or Any Organisation can be involved to make sure these debris are removed timely either from government or from any third party organisations

33. Dealers for LukerInida

Dealers might be required for LukerIndia which is one of the biggest manufacturer for led lighting and designing. They recently made dealers meet. This opportunity can be grabbed , As govt is pushing more into LED lighting

34. :-

The three day event (28th to 30th Nov 2016) jointly organized by Dept. of IT & BT, Govt. of Karnataka and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) Bengaluru, will deliver unique experiences and new insights into the emerging technology trends and business opportunities.

Registering to it, will gives an opportunities to meet investors, startups, students, customers, marketers etc. More info can be found by clicking below link,

35. Air Masks, Air purifiers, Dust Cleaner etc

Air mask is the one which is being sold very rapidly due to pollution and that too in Delhi air masks are sold very rapidly.

Can there be a dealer/manufacturer for Air Masks, Air Purifiers etc at this point time.

36. Whatsapp Courses :

Organize whatsapp course. Create whatsapp group of the people interested on particular subject and then send tutorials for those people. Tutorial should be available only for those who have registered to your platfrom. There should be some privacy. Other wise it will get distributed in whatsapp. Whatsapp courses allow people to chat, interact, group messages etc on particular topic

37. Similar to above – It can also be done through Facebook, Twitter etc :-

Create facebook group of common interest ot facebook page of common interest or twitter followers. Maintain some conditions such that tutorials are available only to registered members through facebook/twitter etc

38. Fake Notes :-

People started to distribute fake copy of new 500 and 2000 rp notes. How can this be stopped. People with out knowledge of new notes getting affected. Create a fake note awarness campeign. Like this awareness campeign can be created when ever it is required.

 39. Market Opportunity :-

Lot of people are standing near atm’s, bank, post offices etc. It is the very good time to market any product offline like new water bottles, trainings, health related things, safety things, cloths. Since lot of people visiting atm/bank, In those people some will be having money and some will not be having money. This opportunity can only be used as marketing the new products, tutorials etc but not as exact sales – sample might needs to be given at some instants.

40. Black Money And Real Estate

People with black money are started to purchase the properties and property owners are using those black money to pay there dept to banks. Property owners can use these black money to return loans or pay off their debts while showing on record various expenses like labour payments, purchase of construction material, various procurements and so on.

If you are experienced property agent and dealer, You can make some money out of this booming.