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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

Sir Ratan Tata’s Motivational Speech. Best One

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“Given the size of India and the amount of garbage that we have, it could be even a $100 billion industry by 2020, provided we build the business around Swachh Bharat.”. Waste Can be used to produce BioGas, Electricity, Recycling etc. This produced products like biogas, electricity, recycled products etc from waste management can be sold to needed customers.

Entrepreneurs urged the govt to franchise the ‘fragmented’ industry and give it industrial status, so as to explore the sector in an organised manner.


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‘LAKSHYA’ – Motivational video (ft.Narendra Modi) | Narendra Modi Inspirational Hindi video Speech :-

Jack Ma’s Top 10 Rules For Success :-

Facebook Launches Snapchat-Competitor Android App ‘Flash’ in Brazil

How Govt and Bank Working On The Ban Of 1000 and 5000 Rupees :-

Debate on Black Money with Our Beloved Arnab Goswami :-

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Can toll plaza be run through cashless. That is, A toll card which can be used to check in and checkout at the tolls. Amount from the card will be deducted at each Check in and Checkout. This will avoid queue , situtaions like banning rupees etc. Feature has already been implemented but not used in almost all tolls.

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List of Five Opportunities That Can be Started Off :-

First :-

Most of the Indian population are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. This is the most challenging move from Indian people. With this move , There is a strong requirement for supporting to build the business from idea to growth. It might require workshops, accesss to investment, firm registration etc. Accessing to entrepreneur things itself can become business

Second :-

Opportunities for Women – Work from home, Parttime earning, starting business etc

Please check :-

Third :-

If you are Modular Furnishing Person, Then Grap the Opportunity by becoming partner with CapriCoast.

This bring access to lot of customers looking for modular furnishing

Fourth :-

Huge Opportunity still lies in education sector. Our education sector innovative ideas are coming soon. Please check below link. Government made analysis on Indian education sector, its backlogs etc  –

Fifth :-

U.S.-based International Paper (IP) is looking for supplier opportunities in india. It monaufactures Paper Related Products

Platform For Career And Business Opportunities For Women :-

Lot of opportunities are there. If looking for these opportunities then visit


Dear Modi Sir,

This is the welcoming solution to track/control black money. Respect your move towards avoiding black money. But few questions arises here

What about the black money already stored in the banks in other countries ? This move brings solution for the people holding black money in some store room apart from the bank. But we feel this will not bring solution for black money already stored in bank ?

Can there also be a solution for bringing back the black money already stored in banks ?


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Automobile Opportunity :-

Skoda Launched New Car Called Rapid. People who are planning to buy New Launch Car Always Has Queries apart from the information available through various resources. Can there be a “call number” to resolve such queries. People are more eager to get information through calls apart from reading or chatting etc


Govt intend to lease out 75 operational national highways to private players. This open up opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprise who involved in road development, maintenance, management etc. Tender process for these projects is likely to start in 2-3 months.

More Info Click Here


Solution The Govt Is Thinking To Reduce Pollution In Delhi and will be imposed to Other Big Cities as well :-
1. Increase the commercial fee for the trucks and other vehicles entering Delhi. This will reduce trucks and other vehicles from entering Delhi
2. Charge high fee during parking, traffic rules etc. This might bring down traffic and eventually reduce pollution
3. Dust coming out of construction company also contributing for pollution. Heavy fee charged for construction company who do so
4. Roadside dust coming out of not proper roads. To avoid this govt is thinking to use vacuum sweepers
5. Govt is planning to enforce the use of clean energy technologies like solar, wind, natural gas buses etc.
6. Educate the required people about new technologies that can be used to burn food and other things.
With the above solution, There will be opportunities like
1. Vehicle or Truck owners will face heavy charges – How to avoid both fee and pollution problem. Is Electric Vehicle inside city can be a solution, if it is then there will be opportunities for electric vehicles
2. Electric cars again may be the solution for the heavy charges imposed inside the city vehicle owners. This also create a problem. People might be forced to buy electric vehicle, parking etc. Car pool, emission control equipment, electric vehicle might be solution. Providing these services will be an opportunities
3. Other opportunities that are paying way are,
– Vacuum sweepers
– Dust cleaners
– Wind energy
– Solar Energy
– Natrual Gas Vehicles
– Cleaner Stoves for required people
– Education about clean energy, its products, usage etc
Problem –> Solution –> Opportunities –> Business –> Earning

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Problem and Solution :-

UNICEF Also quoted on south asia pollution effects.

Time is high to initiate something on controlling air pollution

Delhi and Other Metropolitan Cities Experiencing Highest Life Threatening Pollution :-

Can there be a solution for the same.  Every problem has a solution. Every solution can be a business.

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