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Baby Care

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“Baby Care” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. Online baby shopping products 

Develop online shopping website/app for baby products. Just like FirstCry

2. Offline baby shopping products

Sell Baby Products Offline like BabyOye

3. Baby vaccination advice

Develop a website/app which provides the information on baby vaccination, Time period for those vaccination, Remainders etc

4. Baby sitting hiring 

Platform to hire the verified Baby Sitter , when both the parents are working

5. Pre-schools information

Platform which provides the information pre-school related information, its admission cost, feedback etc

6. Baby care games

Platform which includes all the baby related games

7. Baby care center information

Platform which provides the information on Baby Care Centers, its feedback etc

8. Kids Play Area :-

Develop kids play area such as seen in apartments etc

9. Baby funny videos and films

Platform which displays cartoons, videos , films etc related to babies

10. Baby photography

Platform to store the baby day to day memory through photographs and videos

11. Baby finance details like child policies

Platform which provides the details on baby/kids financial benefits , visa benefits etc

12. Baby shower event organizer

Become event organizer for baby showers

13. Baby first birthday celebration event organizer

Become event organizer for baby showers/birthdays etc

14. Baby wishes, quotes, celebration photos etc 

Platform to send out and get the information of baby wishes, quotes, celebrations etc

15. Baby channels in website :-

Platform through which baby/kids channels can be seen

16. Manufacturing baby toys and selling in websites

Become manufacturer for Baby Toys and sell offline & through online

17. Assisting Parenting Platform

A Platform which assists parents on various things like vaccinations, coming up birthdays, food decision based on growing months

18. Complete healthy Baby Food Products delivery

Deliver Healthy Baby Food Products

19. Baby Health Monitor products

Health of baby needs to monitored daily. Develop a platform which monitors the baby health daily

20. Innovate baby safety products

Platform like alert when baby wanders too far from parents, alert if baby is keen on eating something when parents are bit far from baby

21. Safety device which moves/absorbs signals away from baby

For initial months Babies needs to be kept away from the signals like electromagnetic waves. These safety devices helps in absorbing those waves

22. Safety product to alert parent when baby stops breathing

Parent needs to be alerted immediately when baby stops breathing. Safety products to alert the same will be very beneficial

23. Products which Keep baby products warm

Baby products needs to kept warm. Develop a product which keeps the baby products warn

24. Website which describes all types of baby products from playing, to safety, to sleeping/bath etc

Website which describes all types of baby products from playing, to safety, to sleeping/bath etc

25. Successful parenting

Reviews & guidelines from successful parents who has taken care of there babies very well (in terms of health, safety, playing etc)

26. Workshops

Workshop on financial & Govt policies for new born babies and also visa policies of the baby

27.  Instant doctors help

Instant doctors help or doctors products help in case of any emergency for the kids

28. Baby blogs

Develop baby blogs which provides all baby related information’s

29. Sell used baby equipment

When baby grows , its products will not be useful. Sell those kinds of products like cloth, not damaged toys etc

30. Baby room designing

Baby rooms needs to be designed such that it should be entertaining, safety , installing safety related products like alerting devices , CCTV, etc

31. Baby Smile

Platform that makes baby smiles/happy etc. Like sometimes baby will start to smile when it listen to some sounds

32.  Bus Toys

Sell baby toys through vehicles like buses

33. Parents Engaging

Platform where New Born Babies Parent’s can do chat, group chat, doctor’s chat etc

34. Funding/Donation

Funding/Donation for not affordable parents or if child has some problem which requires medical support etc

35. Strengthening neonatal resuscitation

It is purely medical subject which requires expert doctors. Funding for the development of this would be very beneficial

36. Information on Skilled birth attendants

Labour and delivery complications take the lives of countless women and newborns. To keep the mothers and their newborns safe, it is crucial to have the support of highly trained health care providers at every birth with the knowledge and skills to manage the delivery and complications that arise.

37. Part time jobs

Platform which provides information on Part time jobs for new born mom’s if required

38. Maternity Advice 

Advice on food and other health aspects for pregnant mom’s and after pregnancy

39. Make film out of photos taken

Platform for making Animated Short films out of photos taken

40. Website which lets the information on apps available and download etc

Website which lets the information on baby apps & websites & devices etc available

41. Teaching Platform

Baby Teaching website like animals, numbers etc

42. Own School

Start your own school for babies like baby care center etc

43.  Advice to parents on how to install, set the baby products

Advice to parents on how to install, set the baby products

44. Baby name suggestion

Platform which suggest baby names

45. Find baby naming astrologer

Find baby naming astrologer , event organizer etc

46.  Baby Travel Kit

When ever you are traveling, Baby requires certain types of food, vaccinations, safety products etc. Developing a baby travel kit will be very helpful

47. Baby Lost

Find if baby is lost somewhere in crowd – Take all the necessary photos, videos, its likes/dislikes, its attention words like cat sound etc if you are taking baby somewhere. These data can be stored in some app/platform as storage of data.

Also a helpline number who take care of searching of lost babies

48. Baby friendly places

While travelling it will be very difficult to handle babies if it starts crying etc, A platform can be developed which provides the baby friendly places like parks etc and also can provide the baby friendly resorts or location etc

49.  Maintain child medical history

Baby medical history needs to be maintained properly. This will help in case baby in some medical unfit condition etc

50.  Parenting for babies

Babies need parenting love if in case babies lost there parents very early.