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Platform for Online Automobile Selling

“Platform for Online Automobile Selling” :- Online Automobile Transactional Marketplace – DROOM Sells 6000+ Units In Two-Wheeler Segment This Festive Season — (@margin_ind_in) November 23, 2018  

“Conduct workshops on new technology”

“Conduct workshops on new technology” :- Walmart’s test store for new technology, Sam’s Club Now, opens next week in Dallas #workshops #retail– TechCrunch — (@margin_ind_in) November 23, 2018 […]

“P2P Leading Platform”

“P2P Leading Platform” :- Develop P2P lending platform. Check the Benefits of P2P lending platforms over bank loans #P2P, #leading, #businessideas – The Economic Times Video via @economictimes — […]

“Funding for Schemes”

“Funding for Schemes” :- Digital lending opportunity in India is huge for banks, NBFCs: Omidyar MD #funding, #schemes, #businessideas — (@margin_ind_in) November 22, 2018  

Setup Bakeries

“Setup, maintain & act as a guide who are planning to put bakeries” – Bakeries requires installment, maintenance, p

“Natural Gas Production”

“Natural Gas Production” – India currently produces about 90 million standard cubic meters per day (mmscmd) of natural gas and has ambitious plans to double output by – via […]