Agriculture Business Ideas

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“Agriculture” Business Ideas – First Version

1. All agriculture related concepts in one portel. It should help for a beginner who does’nt know anything about agriculture

2. Educating the farmers about new technologies available in market, Govt initiatives etc

3. Agriculture product dealers and manufacturers like tractors, irrigation system etc

4. Agriculture grown products distributor

5. Start farming

6. Initiavtives to improve draught areas into water bodies

7. Alternate ways to bring back rain , if rain is not happing

8. Agricultural real time training

9. Agricultural land sale

10. Become contracters or become consultancy for contracters who works for agriculture

11. JCB dealer

12. Initiative financing for farmers

13. Organic retail store

14. Platform to detect land is good for agriculture or not

15. Project exectution like irrigation system, power using solar/hydro etc

16. Initiative for farmers from not commiting sucide like Govt Policies, Loans, Insurance, NGO Finance, Easy crop growing etc

17. Detect if any of the growing plant is infected by disease and there might be the chances of spreading the same

18. Detect any robbery, animals in the form and take proper action

19. Delivery of agriculture crops to refining industries

20. Helping farmers in getting their crops sold

21. Export and import of fruits and crops

22. Start Crop processing business

23. Start leasing agricultural equipment

24. Side by side of agriculture land one can start other business like chicken farm, rabbit farm, organic juice etc

25. Producing fertilizer from waste organics

26. Safety measures in times of heavy rain like indicating heavy rain might happen and also providing enough tool to safe guard there farms during rain

27. 24/7 power supply using solar energy

28. Bring agriculture enthusiast to the farmers for training

29. Innovate to supply water and nutriets for plants as needed

30. Platform to help farmer with all required information. Platform can be number or app etc

31. Deliver farmer produce directly to the doors

32. Roof top agriculture

33. Delivering organic waste for required people

34. Sending gifts andf appriciations to farmers

35. Delivering local papers to farmers and other interrested people

36. Products delivery which are directly made from agriculture outputs

37. Farm fuel pick up service

38. Micro Farm Training

39. Water saving initiatives

40. Crop saving initiatives

41. Platform to connect producers and buyers directly

42. Farmimg franchise, distributor opportunities

43. Tractor or mini bus food selling

44. A talk from farmers on how to start agriculture business.

45. Making water available for non water bodies

46. Agricultural clinic

47. Agricultural scientist

48. Web based farmers market

49. Exhibition of farmers grown crops and selling

50. Exhibiting farmers with agriculture startups