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“Abroad Planning” Business Ideas – First Version :-

1. Platform listing the information on how to go abroad and study/settle/work

2. Offline workshops on how to go abroad and study/settle/work

3. Consultancy which provides the processing of Visa like H1b, PR, Business Visa etc

4. Consultancy which provides training on the visa exams like IELTS, PTE etc

5. Platform which provides the trend like working, doing business, settling abroad

6. Abroad job listing site

7. Chat/Call/Mail to the people settle in abroad

8. Work life balance information in abroad

9. Platform which provides the training on Visa Exams like IELTS, PTE etc , Visa Interview’s etc

10. Platform which provides abroad college/university/study information

11. Workshop on Checklist details to study, work, settle in abroad

12. Abroad planning blog

13. Abroad travel Consultancy

14. Open retail shop for immegration details

15. Establish a company abroad which can help in getting visa

16. Survey on abroad study, work, settle etc

17. Forum site

18. Publish immigration magazine

19. Rehearsal on Visa Interview or Exam

20. Visa/Immigration Exhibition

21. Assisted Immigration

22. Consultancy on how to establish a business or start a business in abroad

23. Platform which helps new immigrants to become familiar with that country , identify similar people, food etc

24. Financial help for immigrantes

25. Immigrantes shopping store – In existing country and in the country they are moving

26. Start business abroad

27. Platform on providing details on how is the opportunity in abroad for particular graduate , job etc

28. Search Part Time jobs in case of immigrante

30. Investing or purchasing property abroad

31. Funding from immigrants to our country in time of crisis like NRI Funding

32. Sell kindle books on immigration

33. Publish books on immigration

34. Platform which identifies and provides visa sponsorship information

35. Platform like courier – Helps in delivering the things to required person from another person who is travelling there

36. Platform which enables 3D visual of his/her surroundings

37. Platform which displays immigrante friendly places, party halls,pubs etc

38. Platform which provides thousands of visa test and interview question

39. Platform which moulds the candidates in such a way that they should clear the exams

40. Immigrant consultancies marketing

42. A video on How to prepare for interviews or exams from successful people

43. Platform which provides child education and friendly information for the immigrantes

44. Display list of companies, technologies, job title from increasing order which adhers to more abroad traveling

45. Consultancy on how to start and continue on import export business

46. Provide opportunities for settling  in abroad for sport people, business people, artists etc

47. Start import and export business

48. Platform to get the things like electronic , jackets etc from other countries here

49. Platform on how to prepare for exam , if people not attending any training

50. Platform which list all the immigration consultancies with there fee, benefits, training, months to get visa, feedback etc

51. Bus service for immigration details

52. Host a TV or radio show about immigration

53. Sell immigration products in nearby colleges, IT offices, banks, public places etc

54. Try to implement all the above in one single website

55. Platform which lists valid consultancy informations

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