“Grocery delivery as per requirement” #grocery #delivery

"Grocery delivery as per requirement" - Develop platform where users can select grocery items as per the images and request an order for the same. For example, some people look for tomato fruit, some look tomato which is not a fruit type, also color of tomato, thickness etc same will be in case of other [...]

“High tech agricultural practice” #agriculture #farmers #agritech

Increasing Quality and Quantity of agriculture production helps farmers in sales and also helps consumers. This can be achieved by practicing new technologies in agricultural practice. Start a workshop/training to the people who are interested in learning the same.

“E-commerce for E-notebook” #e-notebook #notebook, #education #students

"E-commerce for E-notebook"  :-  Design platform where students can purchase e-notebook from the schools/teachers for the subjects which they are looking for. This helps students who are unable to take the notes properly in classes or who are on leave. Also e-notes will be neat, easy to understand, images, videos etc

“Know your exam desk” #exams, #students, #education

"Know your exam desk"  :-  Students will be always in hurry/tension when they are about to attend exams and if you provide exact location on where they sit and write the exams like floor, room no, desk no, availability (like pen, water etc) etc, it will be very helpful for students. Since it avoids students [...]