OPP2265-“Interview programs on String / Array”

Below is the nice examples provided by geeksforgeeks.

1. Reverse an array without affecting special characters
2. All Possible Palindromic Partitions
3. Count triplets with sum smaller than a given value
4. Convert array into Zig-Zag fashion
5. Generate all possible sorted arrays from alternate elements of two given sorted arrays
6. Pythagorean Triplet in an array
7. Length of the largest subarray with contiguous elements
8. Find the smallest positive integer value that cannot be represented as sum of any subset of a given array
9. Smallest subarray with sum greater than a given value
10. Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit

Before programming – build logic and check logic with programs and then do the actual programming.

Helps in programming when these kinds of programs has been asked

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