OPP2259-“Interview question on Linked List”

Below is the nice examples provided by geeksforgeeks.

1. Insertion of a node in Linked List (On the basis of some constraints)
2. Delete a given node in Linked List (under given constraints)
3. Compare two strings represented as linked lists
4. Add Two Numbers Represented By Linked Lists
5. Merge A Linked List Into Another Linked List At Alternate Positions
6. Reverse A List In Groups Of Given Size
7. Union And Intersection Of 2 Linked Lists
8. Detect And Remove Loop In A Linked List
9. Merge Sort For Linked Lists
10. Select A Random Node from A Singly Linked List

Before programming – build logic and check logic with programs and then do the actual programming.

Helps in programming when these kinds of programs has been asked

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