Course & Tutorials to learn Python :-’s interactive tutorials – A series of simple tutorials to provide a gentle introduction to the language.

The Python Tutorial – The official introduction to the language offers more detailed walkthroughs of a wider range of Python fundamentals.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python – This series of MIT lectures offered by edX is designed to ease in those unfamiliar with programming.

Introduction to Computer Science – This free introductory course from Udacity teaches you by having you build web apps.

Google’s Python Class – Google’s free class aimed at people with minimal programming experience.

Pygame official tutorials – Making games is a fun way to learn, as demonstrated by these tutorials for the pygame software library.

Codeacademy – Various free lessons that teaches the basics of Python via interactive questions, with optional paid extras.

Intro to Python for Data Science – This free course focuses on getting started with using Python to interrogate data.

Idiomatic Python – An series of tutorials for those familiar with programming who want to get up to speed on Python.